Kellyanne Conway found guilty of of violating federal law

Tell Trump's deportation force: Stop tearing families apart!

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Kellyanne Conway

The Office of the Special Counsel finds Kellyanne Conway guilty of violating federal law
All the lies and the gaslighting by the president’s favorite surrogate came back to haunt her.

House Republicans get busted conspiring with Trump’s lawyers to cover up his treason
Mueller’s Trump-Russia investigation took a worrying turn with these bombshell revelations.

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Stormy Daniels

A Democrat finds the perfect way to make Trump’s Stormy Daniels scandal last forever
His brilliant scheme will ensure the Republican president will never live it down.

A black actor is assaulted by a white racist who bragged she could get away with killing him
The horrifying images of the aftermath have social media in a fury.

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The state of Maryland passes a law that throws a huge wrench into Trump’s re-election plans
The president’s 2020 ambitions have suddenly been caught between a rock and a hard place.

Texas elections deliver stunning results for Democrats
These developments have Republicans in full panic mode.

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Today’s Action: Send Text Messages to Flip the House NOW

Trump was elected to a four-year term, but — much to his chagrin — not as dictator. We can stop his racist, wrecking ball agenda in just a few months if we take back Congress.

We’re seeing the signs of Trump-dissatisfaction all over the country: nearly 40 state legislative Districts have flipped from Republican to Democrat since his election — even deep crimson Alabama got swept up in the blue wave! But it will take a concerted effort from each of us to finish the job and get our sinking ship of state sailing again.

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