Ken Starr says GOP Senators may ask Trump to resign

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Demand Devin Nunes apologize to Lt. Col. Vindman for disrespecting him in hearing!


Today’s Top Stories:

Ken Starr tells Fox that new testimony sets stage for Republican Senators to ask Trump to resign

The man who spearheaded the Clinton impeachment has a damning conclusion for the President and his backers in light of the latest stunning revelations.

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Sondland’s testimony directly implicates Trump, Pence and Pompeo in Ukraine quid pro quo plot
The latest stunning testimony drags the most prominent figures in the Trump White House into the mud with the president.

Take Action: Tell Congress to investigate Pence after transcripts show he was complicit in the president’s crimes

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Fox’s Chris Wallace rips Trump over Sondland’s bombshell testimony

Republicans have run out of excuses and Wallace knows it.

Trump responds to latest damning ‘witch hunt’ testimony in furious all-caps rage tweets
An avalanche of denial flooded from the president’s fingertips, but the big letters couldn’t hide the fear behind them.

Photographer snaps viral photo of the bizarre notes Trump wrote to defend himself to media
The president’s surreal sharpie-written notes set social media on fire with curiosity and mockery.

Eric Trump tries to use his father’s impeachment hearings to sell Trump wines
The president’s son shamelessly took grifting to a whole new level with his response to the latest stunning revelations.

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Vindman’s lawyer demands Fox News and Laura Ingraham retract slanderous segment
The president’s propaganda network tried to tear down a war hero and his lawyer took serious issue.

8 takeaways from the November Democratic debate
(Other than any of these candidates would be SO MUCH better than the current White House occupant.)

Impeachment witness, Laura Cooper says Ukrainians were aware of hold on July 25, contradicting GOP
Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russian, Ukrainian, and Eurasian affairs blew a giant hole in another Republican defense of Trump.

Lev Parnas Helped Rep. Devin Nunes’ Investigations
The indicted Giuliani associate helped arrange meetings and calls in Europe for the Republican congressman in 2018.


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Enroll now, and spread the word that December 15 is the deadline for most states. Several states have resisted Trump’s sabotage by extending their enrollment period: confirm your state’s enrollment deadline here.

Trump and the GOP majority in Congress have made it their mission to break apart President Obama’s historic legislation the past three years. In addition to trying (and failing) to dismantle the ACA via legislation, Trump has cut the ACA enrollment period and eviscerated the outreach budget. Americans responded by enrolling in record numbers in 2017 and nearly matching them in 2018.

Trump has also pushed through a rule change, allowing companies to sell “junk” insurance plans outside of the ACA. These plans, originally meant for temporary short-term coverage, do not protect for pre-existing conditions and often neglect to cover basics like preventative care, prescription drugs, or mental health benefits. The results are potentially disastrous for any unsuspecting consumer: exorbitant bills due to unexpected expenses. To keep safely away from these junk plans, purchasing Obamacare via is the way to go.

America’s current healthcare system is far from perfect but the ACA brought affordable healthcare to tens of millions of Americans while doing away with preexisting condition denials and gender discrimination. Despite Republicans’ best efforts, Americans are in a MUCH better healthcare situation than we were a decade ago — but only those who take the time to sign up.

Share and remind your friends and family, social networks, and communities that December 15 is the deadline to get healthcare on the exchange.

Your efforts truly may be the action that saves a life.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition calling on Devin Nunes to apologize to Lt. Col. Vindman for disrespecting him in hearing, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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