Kobe Bryant slams GOP critics in Oscars speech

Demand Mitch McConnell keep his word and hold a Senate vote to protect America's Dreamers!

Today’s Action: Dream Act Now!

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Kobe Bryant slams Republican critics live on stage at Oscars (WATCH)
The NBA legend put conservatives on blast on national television.

Special Prosecutor Mueller’s Trump team hit list gets revealed and it speaks volumes
The long-awaited document is certain to send the White House into a frenzy.

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Rudy Guiliani tells “joke” about Hillary at Mar-a-Lago that angered his own wife
A new report is raising eyebrows as the White House readies itself for a new controversy.

Ohio mom gets arrested after 8-year-old son shot his 4-year-old sister
America’s gun problem hit a tragic new low.

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Kimmel's Pence joke

Jimmy Kimmel leaves Oscars audience in stitches with epic Pence joke
The iconic host hit Pence exactly where it hurts tonight.

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Trump officials learn a devastating lesson about post White House careers
Their cozying up to the President is backfiring in epic fashion.

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Today’s Action: Dream Act Now!

Today is the day – March 5 – the day that has loomed over Dreamers for six months.

In September, Trump rescinded President Obama’s Deferred Act for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and announced deportations would begin today. And for six months, Trump and Republicans in Congress have ignored, delayed, and now sabotaged attempts by Democrats to pass the DREAM Act and allow 800,000 law-abiding young people with families, degrees, and jobs to remain in the country.

Call or email your Members of Congress and demand action for DACA recipients – and don’t stop calling until we have the DREAM Act.

A has provided Dreamers at least a temporary respite, but until Congress passes the DREAM Act, they must live with the fear of being ripped from the only homes they have ever known at any moment. But meanwhile, no new sign-ups for DACA are possible, leaving 3.6 million young people unprotected unless the DREAM Act is passed.

This is not only un-American, it’s inhumane.

Dreamers couldn’t have known that the 45th president would use their lives as leverage for an $18 billion border wall and elimination of the immigration system that makes our country so rich and diverse.

Stand with Dreamers, and their right to be treated as humans, not bargaining chips.

Email or call (202.224.3121)your Members of Congress and demand a permanent solution forDreamers, clean and clear of Trump’s racist agenda. Urge Democrats to stand strong and keep fighting. Remind Republicans who’ll be voting them out this November if they refuse to a do the right thing.

PPS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition telling Trump that America doesn’t need a fascist military parade down Pennsylvania Ave, and join the vast majority of Americans demanding Congress protect Dreamers NOW!