Lara Trump interview stopped over vile Biden smear

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Top Stories for October 19:

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Jake Tapper ends interview with Lara Trump over disgusting Biden smear on air

The president’s daughter-in-law feigned ignorance about Biden’s well-documented speech impediment and suggested that she was only expressing her concern for the former VP’s general cognitive health.

Take Action: Demand TV networks stop booking Trump’s lying mouthpieces and letting them gaslight the public!

Fauci admits administration has restricted his media appearances, says he’s not surprised Trump got sick

The nation’s top infectious disease expert has found himself unhappily caught up in presidential politics, under protection from death threats, and forced to defend science itself under an administration seemingly allergic to facts.

Take Action: Tell Trump to STOP contradicting Dr. Fauci with lies that could get people killed!

Trump SINKS himself with huge misstep in match-up with Biden

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: He won’t recover from this.

Federal judge strikes down Trump’s cuts on food stamps for unemployed
Trump’s bid to kick nearly 700,000 off food stamps was struck down by a federal judge who ruled that changes proposed by the administration would alter “decades of regulatory practice, leaving States scrambling and exponentially increasing food insecurity for tens of thousands of Americans.”

Trump attacks AOC as “a poor student” at rally with no provocation
The desperate Oval Office Occupant has repeatedly smeared Ocasio-Cortez and “The Squad” during his rallies.

Take Action: Take a stand against Trump’s vicious smears. Add your name to say you STAND WITH AOC!

Caught in a tight reelection battle, GOP Senator Cornyn claims he broke with Trump… in private
Texas Sen. John Cornyn acknowledged that he has disagreed with Trump on a number of contentious issues, but he has only done so in private, weirdly comparing himself to a disgruntled wife in a toxic marriage.

Twitter removes tweet from top Trump pandemic adviser saying masks don’t work
Trump’s handpicked adviser, Dr. Scott Atlas, falsely claimed that masks don’t work to prevent the spread of the virus.

Election year is here!

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Florida acts to remove felons from voter rolls as election looms
New efforts to push citizens with felony records off voter rolls were distributed to local election officials but not the wider public, drawing immediate pushback from county election supervisors and suspicion from Democrats who say it could be used to challenge the eventual election results.

Take Action: Let 4 million disenfranchised US citizens vote in the presidential election!

Bad vibrations: The Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson is livid over Trump fundraiser gig
One of rock music’s most fabled geniuses disavowed the president and condemned his cousin for booking the latter-day version of the band at a Trump fundraiser.


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PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition telling the Senate not to confirm a new Supreme Court Justice until after inauguration, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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