Tell the FBI to give the NRA the designation it has earned: Domestic Terrorist Organization

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Laura Ingraham

Laura Ingraham makes a bombshell announcement in response to David Hogg’s ad boycott

The embattled Fox host’s stunning news has everyone buzzing.

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FBI director fired by Trump scores a huge legal victory

This stunning development is certain to capture the White House’s attention.

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Mueller and Trump

Mueller apprehends a Trump associate at a Boston airport

The special counsel nabbed his target in dramatic fashion.

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Moms in Alabama show the rest of the country how to defeat the NRA

Their unprecedented victory in a deep red state is making national headlines.

Take Action: Tell your Members of Congress to support universal background checks and get guns off our streets and out of our schools.

Fox News Hosts

Military analyst who quit FOX blows the whistle on their ‘witch hunt’ against Mueller

His scathing and controversial op-ed is lighting up social media.

Take Action: Sign up for the “Nobody is Above the Law” rapid response network and prepare to protest within hours if Trump interferes with the Russia investigation.

Trump gives April an official label that mocks his sexual assault victims

The president throws salt in the wounds of those he’s victimized the most.

resist like it's 1776

Only You Can Prevent Fascism

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PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition telling the FBI to give the NRA the designation it has earned: Domestic Terrorist Organization, and join the vast majority of Americans demanding Congress protect Dreamers NOW!


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