Tell Republicans to leave their Party over Trump’s anti-American power grab

Rep. Paul Mitchell of Michigan’s 10th District was a Republican – until he quit the party over the GOP’s refusal to acknowledge Joe Biden’s clear victory. He is a rare Republican voice supporting the democratic process of this November’s election in the face of widespread denial and gas-lighting.

And that denial is destroying our democracy.

Add your name to demand Republican leadership quit the GOP in protest of Trump’s undemocratic refusal to accept the election results.

Only a handful of Republicans in Congress have publicly acknowledged Biden as the President-elect, aligning with Trump’s popularity out of fear that speaking the truth will hurt them. As a result, 3 in 4 Republican voters still believe Trump won the election. The delegitimization of our election is a partial coup, and entirely treasonous.

This is the swan song of a four-year administration built on complete fabrications and brainwashing. But Trump’s power will last long after his presidency if the party continues to follow the Mar-a-Leader. It’s long past due for Republican leadership to stop propping up Trump’s propaganda machine – it’s time to leave the GOP.

Sign here to demand Republicans leave their party for its refusal to uphold our legitimate election results.


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