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Top Stories for May 14:

Christian Academy of Louisville under fire for “deplorable” anti-gay assignment

Students were told to write a letter to a friend of the same gender who “struggled with homosexuality” and use scripture to compel them to change their “lifestyle.”

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Jen Psaki bids President Biden and White House press corps farewell at emotional final briefing

Outgoing press secretary Jen Psaki brought badly needed transparency back to the White House, giving more press briefings in her 15-month tenure than all of Trump’s press secretaries combined over four years.

Jessica Cisneros will fight tooth and nail to protect a woman’s right to choose — unlike Henry Cuellar

Jessica Cisneros for Congress: Can you chip in to replace the last anti-choice Democrat with a principled progressive?

Mike Pence backs Gov. Kemp in Georgia in break with Trump
The ex-president’s once obsequious no. 2 has done the unthinkable and dared to cross his old boss on the campaign trail. Pass the popcorn!

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Texas can resume child abuse investigations for transgender healthcare, state Supreme Court says
State officials are free to resume child abuse investigations against parents who provide adolescents with gender-affirming medical care after the state Supreme Court struck down an earlier statewide injunction on Friday.

Take Action: Tell the DOJ to fight Oklahoma’s discriminatory anti-trans children bill!

Federal judge issues injunction against Alabama law criminalizing gender-affirming healthcare for minors
US District Court Judge Liles C. Burke, who was appointed by Donald Trump, ruled that Alabama’s ban on measures such as hormone therapy and puberty blockers appears to be discriminatory and violates the constitutional rights of both parents and children.

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Russian army loses “entire battalion” trying to cross Ukraine bridge

Approximately 50 vehicles and up to a thousand troops were reportedly caught by Ukrainian artillery and eliminated, effectively taking out an entire battalion, in another major blow to the Russian army.

Supreme Court’s bombshell Roe decision set to BACKFIRE

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Wow.

Ted Cruz seriously mocked Republicans for sucking up to Trump
Hmmm, project much, Ted?

Louisiana pulls back from classifying abortion as homicide
Louisiana House lawmakers pared down a controversial bill that included language seeking to classify abortions as homicides and potentially allow for women to be criminally charged for terminating their pregnancies.

Philadelphia Inquirer refuses to endorse any Pennsylvania GOP candidates
Republicans aren’t sending their best and brightest, folks.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom unveils historic $97.5 billion budget surplus
Newsom is planning additional spending to tackle the ongoing drought, expand access to abortion care, and offset rising costs of goods due to inflation.



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