MAGA riot panel readies criminal charges for Bannon

Remove Kevin McCarthy as minority leader for his complicity in the January 6th insurrection!


FDA panel endorses lower-dose Moderna COVID shot for booster

Top Stories for October 15:

MAGA riot House panel moves against Bannon, sets criminal contempt vote

The House committee investigating Trump’s failed coup moved aggressively against Bannon, swiftly scheduling a vote to advance criminal contempt charges after he defied a subpoena.

Take Action: Add your name to tell Congress to pass the Protecting Our Democracy Act to protect the White House from future Trumpian abuse!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Jen Psaki swiftly dismisses faulty “Pandora’s box” argument over executive privilege

The White House press secretary promptly shut down concerns that Biden is somehow setting a dangerous precedent over the release of Trump documents related to the January 6 insurrection, because, well, presidential sedition is without precedent.

Take Action: Tell Facebook to end its algorithm that spreads disinformation NOW!

Virginia Republicans pull vile stunt to cheat ahead of election

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Unbelievable.

Trump tells GOP officials and donors he’s “not into golden showers” and Melania didn’t “believe that one”
So… which one did she believe, Don?

Federal appeals court rules Texas’ near-total ban on abortion can remain in force
The Texas law bans abortions after fetal cardiac activity is detected, which usually happens about six weeks into a pregnancy and often before a woman knows she is pregnant.

Take Action: Repeal the horrific Texas abortion ban NOW!

Chicago police union boss tells cops to defy vaccine mandate

Law and order, folks!

Texas women drive hours to Louisiana, other states for abortions after new law
This is what passes for “health care” in Texas now.

Take Action: Demand corporations stop bankrolling legislators who sponsored the Texas abortion ban!

United Rural Democrats reveals brilliant plan to defeat Marjorie Taylor Greene and other Q-anon Republicans

United Rural Democrats: Republicans have proved they’ll stop at NOTHING to win. They’re planning to STEAL votes across the country. But United Rural Democrats is organizing on the ground in rural communities. Find out how you can help defeat Trumpism before tonight’s critical deadline that could determine whether we can continue.

Books on Holocaust should be balanced with “opposing” views, Texas school leader tells teachers
Not The Onion.

Trump to be deposed Monday in protesters’ lawsuit claiming assault by his security guards
The disgraced ex-president will be questioned under oath about a 2015 incident in which his security is alleged to have roughed up demonstrators outside Trump Tower.

Tucker Carlson torched for homophobic comment about Pete Buttigieg’s paternity leave
“Shocking!” said no one.

Bill Clinton hospitalized with non-COVID-19-related infection
Former President Clinton, 75, was admitted to a Southern California hospital with an infection but is “on the mend,” his spokesman said.



Yes. Seriously.


Today’s Action: End the filibuster!

Senate Democrats are hoping to once again break through the GOP-backed filibuster and pass crucial voting rights legislation next week. There’s a crack in the Republican defense now that they’ve wavered on their debt ceiling stance, and this is the time to make sure they hear us.

Senate Republicans are hellbent on stonewalling every single Biden agenda item, and now their 21st-century temper tantrum is getting in the way of real change for working families.

Abortion access, preventing a recession, voting rights, Medicaid expansion, cannabis reform, universal pre-k and college access, an expanded child tax credit that’s already alleviated child poverty by 50% across the country — there’s a lot on the line. But none of it can pass with the filibuster in place.

Call (202-224-3121) or write your senators and demand to end the filibuster as soon as possible so that working families can receive necessary care! 

Simply put, the filibuster’s past and present is racist. It has been used repeatedly over the last century to block major pieces of civil rights legislation, dramatically slowing our progress toward becoming that more perfect union put forth in the Constitution. And in Mitch McConnell’s hands it has become the primary conservative weapon, brandished at will to prevent popular progressive legislation supported by a clear majority of Americans from becoming law.

The filibuster MUST go. Now.

Call (202-224-3121) or write your senators and remind them that ending the filibuster is the only way forward for our country!

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition to remove Kevin McCarthy as minority leader for his complicity in the January 6th insurrection, and be sure to follow OD Action on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


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