Ryan, McConnell and Trump

Make Republicans pay for the Trump tax scam


In the middle of the night, Senate Republicans passed an overhaul of our nation’s tax system that was hastily assembled behind closed doors by corporate lobbyists — so hastily in fact that the House had to vote twice because they screwed it up.

Republicans who carry the mantle of democratically elected deficit hawks and tax cutters have forced through a bill that:

  • Has the support of just one in four adults,
  • Raises taxes on at least 80 million working families,
  • Increases the deficit by more than $2 trillion, and
  • Guts vital programs that Americans depend on,
  • All so they can give more money to their billionaire donors and corporate backers.

Republicans have shown us who they are. Now it’s time for us to show them the door.

Job number one is now ensuring Republicans pay for their assault on working families. On the same day Senate Republicans forced through their tax scam, we saw the power we have at the ballot box when Democrats took away Republicans’ Virginia House majority by a single vote.

We have seen that even with full Republican control of the government, our voices can make a difference. We have stopped the repeal of Obamacare, pushed Republicans into early retirement at an unprecedented rate, flipped the Virginia legislature and Alabama’s Senate seat among many others.

In the coming year, we will continue to ask you to hold our government accountable and demand action to protect dreamers, restore our free and open internet, safeguard healthcare, fight back agains bigotry and hate, and more. Increasingly, we will also share actions that will win elections for Democrats and restore our government to one that is truly of, by, and for the people again.

So sign up to join the OD Action team. Lets send Congressional Republicans a message we know they’ll understand by telling them “you’re fired.