Manchin gives Biden HUGE win

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Breaking: At least one dead, many missing after the partial building collapse in Miami

Top Stories for June 24:

Manchin gives Biden huge win with support for “human infrastructure” plan than would undo much of “very unfair” GOP tax scam

The package, which would be filibuster-proof due to budget reconciliation, now has a very real shot of becoming law and revitalizing American communities and lives.

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Matt Gaetz gets destroyed by the top US general at a hearing and become visibly furious

Republicans’ attempt to ignite a culture war to distract from its failures just blew up in the accused sex trafficker’s face.

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Manchin makes STUNNING move on For The People Act

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Whoa!

Pandemic led to the biggest drop in US life expectancy since WWII
More alarming, the disparity between white and minority health outcomes is far more stark than other wealthy countries, the deadly result of four decades of conservative economic and health policies in America.

After attacking Kamala Harris for not visiting border, Republicans attack VP for visiting border
Seriously, why does anyone listen to these guys anymore?

Oath Keeper becomes first to plead guilty to conspiracy in Trump’s insurrection
The insurgent has agreed to be a cooperating witness against the other Republicans who tried to violently overthrow the government.

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Biden ousts Border Patrol chief who backed Trump’s wall
He will not be missed.

Supreme Court rules cheerleader’s f-bombs protected by first amendment
We’ve got spirit, fuck yes, we do.

21 attorneys general oppose DeJoy plan to delay first-class mail 4 to 5 days
The officials, all Democrats, warn that delays could have “significant” impact on mail-in ballots. For some reason, Republicans don’t seem bothered by this.

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Almost 900 Secret Service employees were infected with COVID
The vast majority of the illness could have been prevented by a president who cared about the human beings who volunteered to take a bullet for him.

Jesse Jackson, William Barber arrested protesting filibuster and Manchin
Don’t you let sin block the salvation of this democracy and its soul, Barber said.

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States, right?

What in the world?


Today’s Action: Keep the Biden infrastructure plan strong — don’t let Republicans negotiate away key needs!

It’s been a crucial 48 hours in Congress. With debate on the For The People Act blocked by the filibuster in the Senate, all eyes are on the negotiations happening on the critical infrastructure package. Republicans, unsatisfied with Biden’s plan to roll back Trump’s signature tax cuts and hike up taxes for corporations and the wealthy, continue to push for a drastically lower budget.

Senators need to keep the Biden infrastructure strong and not let bipartisanship get in the way of our country’s progress. Call or email your Senators and demand that they keep fighting for strong infrastructure solutions!

A bipartisan group of senators has been invited to speak with President Biden TODAY about their proposed negotiations. America is in need of bold action from our leaders, now more than ever. This legislation is necessary to create sustainable and modernized infrastructure solutions that will make a real impact on the lives of working families. Throughout these bipartisan negotiations, we need Biden and Democrats to keep key needs in the spotlight.


The original infrastructure package introduced by the Biden Administration included spending solutions that would work to expand our economy, begin to address the climate crisis, and revitalize key aspects of American life. We NEED funding for schools, for bridges and roads, for broadband, and for green energy, plus key supports for children and families. The original proposed plan addresses these necessities, and we cannot allow those solutions to be weakened for a hollow show of cooperation — especially not with people whose stated goal is to see Democrats fail.

Our communities deserve better. They deserve to be invested in by our leaders. Call or email your Senators TODAY and tell them to stand strong behind key needs in the Biden infrastructure plan!

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition Demand state legislators reject bills criminalizing medically necessary healthcare for transgender youth!, and be sure to follow OD Action on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


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