Manhattan DA closes in on charging Trump criminally

Listen to the new episode of the hit podcast American Refugee — “Death on the Borderland”

Bring criminal charges against Trump


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Top Stories for March 14:

Manhattan DA closing in on criminal charges against Trump

Insiders say that the Manhattan District Attorney’s investigation has dramatically intensified since the former President left office. “It’s like night and day,” says one. According to another, “They mean business.”

Democrats’ rescue plan already changing lives
Relief checks began arriving this weekend from a stunningly efficient Biden administration.

Take Action: Add your name to demand a wealth tax so the super rich finally pay their fair share!

EXCLUSIVE: Inside Trump’s humanitarian crisis at the border

American Refugee: Every night a migrant dies of thirst attempting to cross the Texas backcountry brush. Every day one man fights back. LISTEN.

Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend Kenneth Walker files federal lawsuit against Louisville police
The suit was filed one day before the anniversary of Taylor’s death.

Take Action: Demand the resignation of McConnell’s protege as Kentucky AG after he denied justice for Breonna Taylor!

Biden and Trump’s photographer describe VERY different presidents
While President Biden focuses on the work, the disgraced ex-president obsessed over his image — and the “orange tones.”

Kentucky Senate approves bill making it a crime to taunt, insult police officers
Between calling liberals snow flakes and shouting about a first amendment they don’t understand, conservatives are criminalizing hurting cops’ feelings.

Navy contractor who stormed Capitol Hill in Trump riot wore Hitler mustache to work
His lawyers tried to downplay the dozens of interviews that exposed his wildly anti-Semitic beliefs — but the pictures on his phone told a very different story…

Republicans suffer ultimate humiliation

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Finally.

Stacey Plaskett calls for equal treatment, enfranchisement of citizens of US terrtories
The Democrats’ newest Capitol Hill star is calling for a basic fairness that has been ignored and denied for more than a century.

Take Action: Tell President Biden to declare climate change a national emergency

Republican senators attempt to force Amazon to sell anti-LGBTQ book backfires.
Four GOP senators complained when Amazon pulled a single book describing LGBTQ identities as disorders. The company responded by pulling the rest.

Virus’s long-term side effects are more common than you think
More patients are seeking help for lingering effects like fatigue and brain fog. But there are limited resources and answers.

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