Mass shooter revealed to be right wing author

Call for Rep. Gosar to be expelled from Congress for promoting violence against AOC!


Former Senate leader Harry Reid is dead at 82

Top Stories for December 29:

Mass shooter revealed to be right wing writer

Lyndon McLeod, who killed five people in the Denver area this week, was an author dedicated to alt-right philosophies.

Take Action: Tell the Department of Justice must investigate the Rittenhouse case!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Republican Senator just got fact checked to his face over an absurd claim.

The Wisconsin Republican’s disinformation is literally killing people.

Take Action: Call on President Biden and Congress to create a pathway to citizenship!

Joe Manchin pulls bombshell holiday stunt

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Unreal.

Rand Paul inadvertently tells the truth about Republican voter fraud claims
The Kentucky Republican busted Democrats for legally getting more votes than anyone else.

5 GOP-led states extend unemployment aid to workers who lose jobs over vaccine mandates
Yes, Republicans are paying people to not get vaccinated as nearly 1,500 Americans die from the virus daily.

Beverly Hills beautician who yelled “you are not going to take away our trumpy bear” on January 6 now cooperating with feds

This is good news, but has to be super annoying for the feds.

Thousands of Georgia voters alleged to be dead by Trump and Republicans found alive
Yes, that’s right. Donald Trump lied. Take all the time you need.

Take Action: Demand Georgia prosecutors charge Trump with for his election fraud scheme!

WATCH: A post-holiday message from Richard Ojeda

No Dem Left Behind: Survived the Holidays with your GQP relatives? Good, now let’s get ready to fight!

January 6 panel reaches deal with White House to defer some document requests
President Biden had opted not to invoke executive privilege on behalf of the disgraced ex-president, but this agreement shows there were some sensitive documents under scrutiny.

US and Russia to hold security talks next month
This time, Putin will deal with a president not his puppet.



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