Tell Congress: Ban animal absusers - like the Parkland killer - from owning firearms!

Today’s Action: Support our transgender troops

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Ingraham and Hogg

One of the biggest advertisers in the U.S. drops Fox News’ Laura Ingraham

She attacked survivors of the Parkland shooting and paid dearly.

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David Hogg issues a bold ultimatum to Laura Ingraham in response to her apology

She waved the white flag after advertisers fled. Now, the Parkland survivor is seizing the spoils.

Parkland and Melania

A Parkland massacre survivor publicly calls out Melania Trump for her cowardice

She could no longer remain silent about the First Lady’s embarrassing behavior.

Trump Jr. throws a fit over a BBC headline about his dad, quickly gets brutal response

He took on the renowned British network and got himself and his father humiliated.

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Melania and Trump

Melania’s confidants reveal she wants to escape from Trump with her son

They paint a miserable picture of the First Lady in an explosive new interview.

Mueller reveals a Rick Gates bombshell that could prove Trump’s Russian collusion

The stunning development is taking Washington, D.C. by storm.

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resist like it's 1776

Only You Can Prevent Fascism

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Today’s Action: Support our transgender troops

Last week, Trump issued a policy banning transgender troops from serving in the military. If this sounds familiar, it’s because Trump tried the same thing last July and was stopped in the courts for questions of constitutionality.

But before we get complacent and think the courts will stop this latest disgusting move, remember: Trump issued three versions of his Muslim Travel Ban, and although the first two were stopped by the courts, the third version of his ban is now in effect.

We can’t take anything for granted here either. We need to fight back now against Trump’s bigoted transgender ban.

Call your Members of Congress and tell them to issue a public statement announcing their full support for transgender troops serving openly in the military, free of discrimination or harassment.

Trump’s ban is unjustified on all grounds, no more than an oppressive and deeply harmful party favor to the right-wing. A 2016 RAND Corporation study found that transgender troops “have minimal impact on readiness and health care costs.” In fact, the military spends 10 times more on erectile dysfunction medication alone than it does on the grand total of projected transgender health costs.

There are between 2000-11,000 transgender troops serving in the military, and they do so with courage and valor. They deserve to be treated equally, not with discrimination and shaming by their own government.

Email or call (202.224.3121) your Members of Congress and demand they issue a public statement against Trump’s anti-trans policy, and a vow to stop it with legislation. We must stay intolerant of intolerance.


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