McCain’s widow publicly rebukes Trump, endorses Biden


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Top Stories for September 23:

Cindy McCain rebukes Trump and publicly endorses Joe Biden for president

McCain was motivated in part by Trump’s recent comments on the military, where he called war heroes ‘losers’ and ‘suckers’

Take Action: Make sure your voter registration is accurate and that you have all information you need to vote in the coming election.

AOC claps back after Republican candidate tries to call her stupid
Marjorie-Greene, a QAnon devotee, thought she could get a shot in at Ocasio-Cortez but ended up making herself look like a fool.

Take Action: Add your name to stand up to the GOP’s vile attacks. Say WE’RE WITH AOC!

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen:”>
This is our last hope.

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Trump just accidentally revealed the dangerous reason he wants to fill Supreme Court seat now

It’s no surprise that the Oval Office occupant is motivated by his own corrupt interest.

Romney backs vote on Supreme Court nominee, clearing way for Trump
Romney announced his support for a floor vote to replace the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, essentially clinching consideration of Trump’s nominee less than six weeks before the general election.

200,000 people have died from pandemic in the US, more than American battle deaths from 5 wars combined
The US reported its first death related to the virus on February 29th and its 100,000th death on May 23rd. On September 22nd, the nation surpassed the grim milestone of 200,000 deaths.

Take Action: Impeach Trump for letting Americans die when he KNEW the real dangers of the pandemic!

She’s telling us how to run our country: Trump again goes after US Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Somali roots
The president threw xenophobic jabs at the US congresswoman yet again for her Somali roots during a pep rally in Pennsylvania: “She’s telling us how to run our country. How did you do where you came from? How’s your country doing? She’s going to tell us — she’s telling us how to run our country.”

Election year is here!

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Pentagon redirected $1 billion in pandemic funds to defense contractors
$1 billion in funding meant to prevent and prepare for the pandemic went to defense contractors who exchanged the money for jet engine parts, body armor, dress uniforms and other military needs unrelated to the health crisis.

Take Action: Trump fired America’s pandemic response team. Demand he reassemble it to confront the pandemic immediately!

Whistleblower on Jared Kushner’s pandemic task force says he was told to “fudge” death data model
A grandson of former Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy anonymously sounded the alarm on Kushner’s task force to Congress, “detailing dangerous incompetence” in the administration’s pandemic response.

Leaked: Officer involved in the killing of Breonna Taylor emails entire LMPD force ahead of grand jury announcement, describes cops as “warriors” and protestors as “thugs”
I know we did the legal, moral and ethical thing.



Yes. Seriously.


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