McConnell, Trump trade shots as GOP civil war deepens

Censure McConnell for voting to acquit Trump and then ADMITTING he was guilty!


Top Stories for April 30:

McConnell rejects Trump as the future of the Republican Party in wake of Biden’s speech

The Senate minority leader has apparently finally seen the light, rejecting the disgraced ex-president a mere six months after the American electorate resoundingly did so first.

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Matt Gaetz’s wingman penned confession letter, says Florida congressman paid for sex with minor
Joel Greenberg, who has been cooperating for months with authorities, wrote a letter to Roger Stone in the final months of the Trump presidency in hopes of obtaining a pardon, admitting that he and the Florida congressman paid for sex with multiple women, including a girl who was 17 at the time.

Republicans HUMILIATE themselves while opposing DC statehood

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: This is beyond parody.

FBI warned Giuliani that he risked being used for Russian disinformation campaign against Biden
Nevertheless, he persisted.

Take Action: Charge Rudy Giuliani for conspiring with Russia to steal the 2020 election for Trump!

Trump runs to Fox News and whines that he didn’t get enough credit in Biden speech
The disgraced former president couldn’t stand not being in the spotlight and made sure everyone knew it.

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Rudy Giuliani goes on Tucker Carlson’s show day after FBI raid to rant about… Hunter Biden

Giuliani, whose home and office were raided by at least seven FBI agents on Wednesday, has repeatedly insisted that all of his activities in Ukraine were conducted on behalf of former President Trump.

US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan has finally begun
The deadline President Biden has set for troops to withdraw is absolute, with no potential for an extension based on worsening conditions on the ground.

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Five dead, including two deputies and suspected shooter, in lengthy North Carolina standoff
The nation’s latest mass shooting took the lives of Sgt. Chris Ward and K-9 Deputy Logan Fox, who were fired upon while conducting a welfare check at the now-deceased assailant’s home.

Lauren Boebert’s attempt to troll Biden at his speech backfires in wake of new report
The gun-loving Colorado right winger thought she’d steal the spotlight with her little display, but reality quickly intervened.

Florida passes voter suppression law that includes restrictions on vote-by-mail and drop boxes
Democratic state Rep. Omari Hardy blasted the legislation as “the revival of Jim Crow” in Florida.

Voter restriction laws advancing in GOP-controlled Michigan legislature would criminalize public officials sharing election information on social media
If at first you don’t succeed, change the rules to criminalize your opponents!


Good grief…



Today’s Action: Demilitarize the police for Biden’s 100th day in office!

Today is President Biden’s 100th day in office! He enjoys high approval ratings thanks to his speedy rollout of the vaccination and economic recovery, and ending many of Trump’s most hateful programs. And while some of his goals are still in progress, there’s a big campaign trail promise he was expected to hit that we haven’t seen any movement on.

Since 1997, the Department of Defense 1033 Program has transferred $7.4 billion in surplus military supplies to our local, state, and federal law enforcement. Sniper rifles, armored vehicles, tear gas, grenades, drones, and aircraft…weapons of war in our local neighborhoods.

Biden’s campaign promise to end the 1033 Program hasn’t come true – yet – but he could today with an executive order.

Call or email your Members of Congress TODAY and tell them to urge President Biden to keep his promise and END the 1033 Program! Then, tweet it directly to Biden (@POTUS and @JoeBiden) with the hashtag #End1033.

Surplus military equipment has not at all prevented violent crime or kept law enforcement safer (which is the stated goal). But it has created an attitude within law enforcement that it is literally “at war” with the people it’s supposed to be protecting…

…such as in Ferguson, Missouri, in 2014 when the protests over Michael Brown’s death by law enforcement resulted in local police showing up in tanks and aiming assault rifles at protesters. Outside of protests, law enforcement use their deadly military toys in entirely unnecessary situations, often leading to violent escalation in routine policing activities. And the wielding of military equipment itself on people of color vs. white people matches the overall trends of who’s on the receiving end of police brutality in general.

It’s time for Biden to follow through on his promise and end this brutal program.

Email or call (202.224.3121) your Members of Congress and demand they push President Biden to end the deadly 1033 Program TODAY. Then, tweet it directly to Biden (@POTUS and @JoeBiden) with the hashtag #End1033.

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