McConnell exposes his own Obama/Merrick Garland lies

Demand the Senate reverse McConnell's devious nuclear option to force through Trump judges!


Today’s Action: Stop Trump’s use of solitary confinement against asylum seekers – #DefundHate

Today’s Top Stories:

In reversal from 2016, McConnell says he would fill a potential Supreme Court vacancy in 2020

The GOP Senate Leader truly has no moral compass but his ruthless, hypocritical pursuit of power.

A new book makes explosive allegations about a Mueller indictment of Trump
Heads are turning and tongues are wagging across Washington after excerpts hit the newsstand.

Take Action: Tell the House to launch impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump!

Wind turbines do not cause cancer. But pollution from the fossil fuel industry does.

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A Kentucky farmer brutally trashes trade-war Trump and his Republican goons in viral op-ed

Jim Pat Wilson is fed up with watching his farm suffer under Trump and publicly called him out.

Take Action: Demand Trump end his ill-thought trade war with China that is hurting American families.

Civil war breaks out in the GOP after another Republican blocks the disaster relief bill
Republican senators and representatives began furiously condemning their colleagues after a vital bill was held up AGAIN.

Take Action: Don’t let Trump use FEMA disaster relief funds to build his stupid wall!

The pro-impeachment Republican Rep. takes aim at Trump’s Attorney General in epic tweetstorm

Justin Amash’s one-man crusade against the Trump team took a dramatic turn on Tuesday.

Trump humiliates himself offering engineering advice about aircraft carriers to the Navy
The president went off on a bizarre tangent that left his audience stunned.

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Trump responds to criticism of him insulting Biden while overseas in the worst way
Faced with a storm of criticism over the rude comments, the president plunged deeper into the muck.

Ocasio-Cortez responds to minor league team that labeled her one of “America’s adversaries”
The progressive New York Rep. demonstrated the dangers that America’s political polarization can create.

Today’s Action: Stop Trump’s use of solitary confinement against asylum seekers – #DefundHate

More than 8,400 immigrants have been placed in solitary confinement since 2012, as punishment by our country’s deportation machine, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). A whopping third of these immigrants have had mental illness. LGBTQ and disabled individuals particularly have been targetted, arbitrarily punished for reasons that have nothing to do with rule-breaking. At least 200 immigrants have been held in solitary confinement for over six months. It as is heartbreaking as it is unacceptable.

Meanwhile, Trump has requested from Congress a budget of billions MORE to fund the Department of Homeland Security, AKA his border terror toolbox. His ask includes another $1 billion for family jails, faster deportations, and expanding ICE and Customs and Border Protections (CBP)…meaning more solitary confinement.

Funding levels live with Congress, not Trump – so we have the direct ability to influence exactly how much, or how little, Trump gets of his request.

Call or email your Members of Congress…

If they are on the House Appropriations Committee, tell them to:

  1. Vote no on Trump’s request for supplemental DHS funding,
  2. Cut funding for ICE and CBP down to “FY16 levels” (the last year President Obama was in office). This is a starting point — it should be much lower;
  3. Put a stop to ICE stealing funds from other Department of Homeland Security accounts, as it has under Trump…ICE should only receive money appropriated by Congress.

If they aren’t on the Appropriations Committee, ask them to:

  1. Vote no on Trump’s request for additional DHS funding
  2. Sign on to the “Jayapal-Torres-Chu Dear Colleague” letter making those same asks.

Trump is working overtime to redefine “American” through his white supremacist lens, and now we know that includes torturing vulnerable immigrants in solitary confinement. That’s why we need to work overtime to stop him.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition telling the Senate to reverse McConnell’s nuclear option to force through Trump judges, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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