McConnell: Let states go bankrupt, bail out corporations

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Demand officials stop Trump from eliminating oversight in the pandemic. The president is NOT a dictator!


Breaking: Another 4.4 million Americans filed for unemployment last week raising total layoffs since virus hit to more than 26 million.

Today’s Top Stories:

McConnell: I’d rather see states go bankrupt than use public money to save them

The Senate Majority Leader made it clear that bailing out big business is more important than America’s firefighters, school teachers, and public servants.

Take Action: Tell the Senate not to let Trump & McConnell exploit the pandemic to ram through more unqualified judges!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Las Vegas mayor humiliates herself in off-the-walls interview on re-opening city

Echoing Trump’s calls to re-open, Mayor Goodman volunteers her citizens as guinea pigs for early end to quarantine in bonkers interview.

Check out this week’s episode: How Trump is infecting American democracy with a deadly virus of his own

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Culinary workers in Las Vegas speak out against mayor’s call to reopen and risk their lives
Workplaces need to be safe and healthy – not a petri dish.

Take Action: Be sure you’re doing the five key things to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Trump says he ‘strongly’ disagreed with move to reopen Georgia — contradicting source who said he agreed with it
The president threw Gov. Kemp under the bus after encouraging him to unsafely open his state.

CDC director contradicts Trump after president claims he was “totally misquoted”
Director Robert Redfield was quoted as saying the 2nd wave will be more difficult. It upset the president. Trump lashed out at the media despite the fact that they got the story right.

Take Action: Tell Trump to stop attacking the media and get responders what they need to COMBAT THE PANDEMIC!

Trump reportedly threatened to fire a top doctor at the CDC for sounding the alarm about the coronavirus in February
When Dr. Nancy Messonnier sounded the alarm about the outbreak in February, Trump wanted to fire her. While she kept her job, it silenced warnings from top officials who did not want to anger the president.

Election year is here!

OD Action partner: Say goodbye to Trump forever with gear that tells him how you really feel.

Fox News hosts go mum on pandemic drug they spent weeks promoting
After weeks or recklessly telling viewers to take a drug that turned out to be deadly, the propaganda network is doing nothing to mitigate further loss of life — that it caused.

Former Labradoodle breeder tapped to lead U.S. pandemic task force
The White House pandemic response is being dictated by cronyism.

GOP State Senator and wife liken Ohio Jewish Health Director to satanic Nazi
A Republican elected official had an appalling reaction to common sense safety precautions.

Publisher of the conservative Federalist magazine found to have broken law with threatening tweet
The threat against union organizing in its ranks was a clear violation of federal labor laws.

Press conference fact check: Trump makes false claims about governors not wanting tests, and repeats errors about Pelosi and Michelle Obama
The president continues to break his own record for lies and deceit.


Renewed assault on immigrants…

Election 2020…


Today’s Action: Healthcare coverage during coronavirus

The Senate has passed another coronavirus relief bill that finally provides $100 billion for hospitals and testing (thanks to Democrats for standing firm), but STILL does not address the desperate general healthcare situation for millions of Americans.

Nearly 50% of Americans receive health insurance through their employer and the unemployment rate has hit 20%. (If you have lost your employer-based insurance, you may have a 60-day window for open-enrollment in a new plan – don’t delay!)

We are witnessing the worst possible test of our flawed healthcare system. A for-profit design with disparate coverage and limited entry points does not play well with a highly contagious virus and mass sudden unemployment. (Not that it was playing well before COVID…)

Call or email your Members of Congress and tell them to prioritize healthcare access for all during coronavirus, regardless of immigration status, increase Medicaid funding, and enact policy to protect our healthcare workers during. (Scroll down for script details!)

The Affordable Care Act could be an option for the previously-unemployed. But open-enrollment ended in December and Trump has refused to re-open the markets, denying millions the opportunity to purchase affordable care.

There’s never been a clearer moment in our history proving we need Medicare for All: a national insurance plan (like every other country in the developed world). And while we need to keep calling for Medicare For All during this time, we also need some immediate changes to weather this crisis in the short term.

Email or call (202.224.3121) your Members of Congress and demand these healthcare resources to tackle the coronavirus crisis immediately:

  • Start with a reminder that this crisis is why you support Medicare for All
  • Call for an immediate re-opening of the insurance markets


  • Increase Medicaid federal funding and other program for low-income and POC communities to ensure testing and treatment is available for ALL, regardless of immigration status


  • Set preventative measures to ensure no-price-gouging and end surprise billing


  • Enact OSHA standards to protect front-line workers (which include high percentages of women and people of color)


Though the death toll in our country has passed a staggering 46,000, this number is almost certainly undercounted. And isn’t that just our country’s health story in a nutshell: undercounted, underfunded, underinsured. We’re over it.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition to stop Trump from eliminating oversight in the pandemic, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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