McConnell reveals devious plan to blame Dems for shutdown

Fund FEMA not Trump's stupid wall!

Today’s Action: Protect Dreamers and keep the government funded!

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Mitch McConnell reveals his devious plan for blaming Democrats to government shutdown
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has plans for a highly risky and somewhat bizarre strategy to blame Democrats, especially those up for re-election this fall, if the U.S. government is shut down tomorrow.
Republicans are attempting to hold… [more]

Enough Republicans announce they are prepared to shut down own government tomorrow
Despite majorities in every branch of government, Republicans prove they’re unable to govern.

Today’s Action: Protect Dreamers and keep the government funded!

Government funding runs out tomorrow unless Congress can pass a spending bill — the third threat of government shutdown since September thanks to a president who proclaimed “our country needs a good ‘shutdown.‘”

Republicans want to increase military spending at the cost of, well, literally everything else. Democrats seek funding for veterans, solutions to the opioid epidemic, healthcare and more.

And most Democrats have taken the Dreamer Pledge: insisting the next government spending bill must protect the 800,000 young people brought to the U.S. as children, whom Trump wants to deport…or use as political barter for his border wall.

Contact your Members of Congress today and demand that tomorrow’s spending bill vote include a clean DREAM Act.

Last week, Dreamers got temporary relief when a U.S. District Judge issued an injunction against Trump’s deportation plans. The fight is far from over, but Trump’s leverage – using the precarious situation of Dreamers to secure border wall funding and deport asylum seekers – has been momentarily weakened.

30 Senators and 176 Representatives have taken the Dreamer Pledge…and it’s time for the rest to join.

Call your Members of Congress at 202.225.3121. If they have taken the Dreamer Pledge, remind them to hold strong in tomorrow’s vote. If they haven’t, tell them to say hello to the wrong side of history…and goodbye to their jobs.