McConnell sneaks poison pill into relief check bill

Tell McConnell to get out of the way of Americans' $2,000 checks!


Top Stories for December 30:

McConnell blocks $2,000 stimulus checks, then ties them to unrelated Trump demands on tech and election

The GOP Senate majority leader blocked a floor vote on higher stimulus checks before attaching additional aid to two unrelated demands put forward by the outgoing Oval Office occupant — repealing legal liability protections for internet platforms and the creation of a commission to study voter fraud issues that simply don’t exist.

Take Action: Call voters in Georgia and help put Mitch McConnell and Republicans into the minority next year!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Top Democrat goes viral with must-see speech on $2,000 checks

Sen. Chris Murphy excoriated Senate Republicans for punting on increased stimulus checks and attaching unrelated poison pills to what should be a simple, clean vote.

Take Action: Tell President-Elect Biden to immediately reverse Trump’s cuts to food aid for families in need.

Trump’s “dead voters” claim backfires on his own campaign

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: This one is humiliating.

Trump tweets conspiracy about Georgia Secretary of State’s brother… who does not exist
Desperate to excuse his defeat, the outgoing Oval Office Occupant is now making up entire people.

Take Action: Tell Republicans to put country over party and condemn Trump’s made-for-TV coup!

Nashville bomber’s girlfriend warned police about him in 2019
Local police say they alerted the feds, but FBI says they “found no records on Warner at all.”

Georgia’s GOP secretary of state: No fraud found in Cobb Co. ballot signature audit
A ballot signature match audit in Cobb County, which came after a hand recount and then a subsequent machine recount requested by Trump, found “no fraudulent absentee ballots,” and confirmed the “original outcome” of the November 2020 presidential race, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said on Tuesday.

Take Action: Tell Secret Service commit to escorting Trump from the White House if he refuses to concede!

Texas GOP lt. gov asked to cough up $1 million reward he offered for evidence of election fraud after Trump voters caught cheating
Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, a Republican, offered a $1 million reward for concrete evidence of voter fraud in the general election. Pennsylvania’s Democratic lt. gov. has the goods — real-world evidence of Trump voters committing fraud — and has come to collect.

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New York prosecutor hires forensic accounting experts as Trump criminal probe escalates
District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr. opened the investigation in 2018 to examine alleged hush-money payments made to two women who, during Trump’s first presidential campaign, claimed to have had affairs with him years earlier. The probe has since expanded, and now includes the Trump Organization’s activities more broadly.

Louisville police firing 2 more officers involved In death of Breonna Taylor — 9 months later
Detectives Myles Cosgrove and Joshua Jaynes, who were part of the ill-fated raid that ended with the shooting death of the 26-year-old Taylor, are reportedly being terminated by the Louisville Metro Police Department., nine months after her death.

Kelly Loeffler’s conflicts of interest even worse than previously reported
The embattled GOP senator had wide-reaching power over government regulators whose work directly affected her own financial interests and those of her husband and New York Stock Exchange Chairman Jeffrey Sprecher.

Trump campaign shells out $20,000 to activist allegedly thrown “head first into a table” in 2015
Rod Webber, a New England-based peace activist, was paid $20,000 to settle the claim, but not before Trump spent more than $100,000 on legal fees fighting the case.



Yes. Seriously.


Today’s Action: Flip. The. Senate.

With two days left in the year, the president is on board with Democrats in supporting $2,000 checks for Americans who desperately need them. But it doesn’t look like they will get a straight vote in the Senate for one reason: Mitch McConnell controls the Senate.

Georgia voters have a chance to change that, and we cannot afford to sit this one out.

It isn’t rocket science. We MUST win the Senate! 

If we cannot win the Senate next week, Mitch McConnell will be just as much a roadblock for Biden’s agenda as he has been for House Democrats. And he won’t mind at all if we get nothing done for the American people the next two years.

Georgia’s Senate candidates, Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff, are fantastic Democrats for the state and fully capable of beating the Trump-chump incumbents. But voters will need your encouragement to battle the raging suppression that the GOP is bringing, still scalding from their loss of the presidency and making this last effort to block our goals.

Let’s put 2020 behind us and ring in the new year right: with the ability to enact a progressive agenda in 2021.

Sign up for a two-hour shift this weekend to Get Out The Vote in Georgia!

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition telling McConnell to get out of the way of Americans’ $2,000 checks, and get your copy of the delightful “I Think You’re Wrong (But I’m Listening)” by Pantsuit Politics hosts, Sarah Stewart Holland and Beth A. Silvers, a fun read to help us cope with the aftermath of a post-Trump America.


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