McConnell throws Trump under the bus on Ukraine call

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McConnell throws Trump under the bus, denies he ever spoke with him about Ukraine call

As news of William Taylor’s damning testimony circulates the Capitol, the Senate Majority Leader is hanging the president out to dry.

Take Action: Tell the courts to reject Trump’s absurd argument against complying with an impeachment inquiry!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Lindsey Graham loses it while defending Trump’s tweet

The Senator’s comlete lack of integrity is stunning.

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The White House: Trump used the term “lynching” because the media is so mean to him
The White House deputy press secretary tried to excuse the President’s offensive remarks and only made things worse.

The White House trashes William Taylor as a “radical” but doesn’t deny any of his testimony
The White House went into panic mode and fired up the smear machine in response to this afternoon’s devastating testimony.

Take Action: Demand Kellyanne Conway be fired for repeated, brazen Hatch Act violations!

Trump floats Kellyanne Conway as his next White House Chief of Staff
As Mick Mulvaney struggles to do his job as Chief of Staff amidst the escalating impeachment inquiry, the president eyes a possible replacement.

Feds charge top Trump donor for millions in illegal campaign contribution and foreign lobbying
Shah “Imaad” Zuberi pleaded guilty Tuesday of falsifying records in order to conceal his role as a foreign agent while lobbying high-level U.S. government officials.

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A “sea change” that will “accelerate” impeachment: The nation reacts to Bill Taylor testimony
The former Ukraine ambassador’s damning testimony sparked an uproar in Washington as the implications for the President sank in.

Graham and Fox News expert showed Trump a map to change his mind about Syria withdrawal
It wasn’t the first time Trump has been shown a map detailing economic assets to convince him not to order U.S. troops home, officials said.

Author of anonymous NYTimes op-ed on Trump to release tell-all book on dysfunctional White House
The identity of the author — previously described as a Trump administration official — is expected to remain secret.

Trump’s company removes his name from Central Park ice rinks ahead of skating season
In the president’s home town, his name has become too toxic to do business.

Trump’s quest for vengeance against John Brennan
In Attorney General William Barr’s review of the Russia probe, some see a presidential target.


Today’s Action: Push key Senators towards impeachment

After months of denial, Trump’s own Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney has admitted the president conducted quid pro quo against Ukraine, withholding congressionally approved funding unless the Ukrainian president agreed to interfere with our 2020 elections. Then, Mulvaney told the American public to “Get over it.” And five hours later, he walked back the statement entirely…but it’s too late.

This reveal has shaken several key Republicans, and deepened Democratic resolve to get to the bottom of Trump’s crimes. But while Democrats in the House carry out the investigation, it’s up to us to ensure the next step in the Senate goes smoothly.

If the House votes to impeach Trump, he’ll be placed on trial in the Senate to determine whether his crimes are worthy of removing him from office. It is entirely possible for Trump to be impeached, but not removed from office, and then run for re-election (though it would be a first) – so it is vitally important that we guarantee a fair and open trial in the Republican-controlled Senate, where many of Trump’s most loyal vultures will be taking every opportunity to obstruct justice.

Indivisible has identified the 13 Republican Senators who are most likely to swing toward impeachment. It’s all hands on deck to ensure Trump’s trial happens fairly and openly by calling voters in those states and asking them to make this demand of their Senator. Sign up for a shift today!

Trump is facing multiple whistleblowers who have all accused him of a crime he himself has admitted to publicly: using the influence and powers of his office for private gain against a political rival. Impeachment is on the horizon.

But Mitch McConnell has been the GOP’s biggest roadblock since well before Trump. McConnell blocked, unconstitutionally, Obama’s replacement for Supreme Court by refusing to hold a vote. And he has gleefully blocked over 150 House bills from ever reaching the floor of the Senate, denying them the chance to face a vote, from desperately needed election security to bipartisan gun reform to the Violence Against Women Act.

McConnell needs to feel the pressure from every single Senator, Democrat and Republican, to allow a fair, just trial of Trump’s crimes. Because if he doesn’t, his track record already tells us what comes next.

Help Indivisible make 1.1 million calls to voters in key states, connecting them to the Republican Senators most likely to support a fair and open trial of Trump’s crimes. Sign up for a shift today.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition Calling on Trump to label school shootings domestic terrorism and do something to stop them, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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