McConnell’s wife got huge “small” biz relief payout

Tell Congress to close the


Top Stories for July 7:

Elaine Chao, Mitch McConnell’s wife and Trump’s secretary of transportation received $350,000 in PPP money for her family’s business

A shipping business started by Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao’s family received federal aid set aside for companies struggling as a result of the pandemic.

Take Action: Tell Trump & McConnell — Don’t you dare let states go bankrupt while you bail out your wealthy corporate donors!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Kayleigh McEnany hammered at press briefing over Trump’s horrific tweet

The press secretary for the President of the United States was attempting to defend her boss’s pro-Confederate-flag stance.

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Nancy Pelosi RIPS into McConnell unlike ever before
The gloves are officially off.

NASCAR star Bubba Wallace claps back at Trump over racist attacks and “hate”
Trump mounted an explicit defense of the Confederate flag on Monday, suggesting that NASCAR had made a mistake in banning it from its auto racing events.

Take Action: Tell Congress to censure Trump for inciting racist hate against the Black community!

Video shows Arizona police killing a man in parked car with ten-shot barrage
A woman claiming to be the victim’s sister said he was unarmed and asleep when the cops rolled up on him.

Take Action: Find out what you can do to support Black lives and take action!

Trump-connected lobbyists reap windfall in federal virus aid
40 lobbyists with ties to Trump helped clients secure more than $10 billion in federal pandemic aid, among them five former administration officials.

Phoenix in a ‘crisis situation’ after disastrous decision making by GOP gov
GOP Gov. Doug Ducey tied the hands of mayors with an executive order requiring Arizona cities and counties to abide by state-level guidelines and do nothing that “conflicts with or is in addition to” those restrictions.

Election year is here!

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Amy Cooper, white woman who called police on Black bird-watcher in NYC, has been charged
Cooper was charged with filing a false police report after threatening a Black fellow park-goer with a weaponized call to the cops.

Trudeau turned down White House visit to celebrate new trade agreement
The Canadian prime minister pointedly passed on attending the president’s planned celebration, citing the pandemic and Trump’s repeated threats of imposing additional tariffs on America’s neighbor to the north.

South Dakota gov, exposed to virus, joined Trump on Air Force One
Gov. Kristi Noem accompanied the president to Washington aboard Air Force One on Friday night despite having had close contact with Trump’s son’s girlfriend, who had tested positive for the virus.



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Today’s Action: Tell the Senate to #BoostSNAPNow

Unemployment was the first big side effect of the pandemic in our country, with around 36 million jobs lost during the peak of state shutdowns this spring. This number does not include all those who had to voluntarily step away from work, and also doesn’t reflect the many employees who have now returned at severely reduced hours.

Now we have another face to this crisis to address: food insecurity. Before the shutdowns, nearly 11% of Americans already struggled to gain consistent access to food. With historic income loss and schools shut down (the source of 1-2 meals a day for millions of low-income children), we know this number has shot up, with miles-long lines reported at food banks.

Call or email your Senators and tell them to dramatically boost SNAP benefits while unemployment and food insecurity remains high. Tweet at them using the hashtag #BoostSNAPNow.

The Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program, or SNAP, is one of our best social safety nets – it works. And the point of SNAP is simple: get food to those who need it fast, from standard food suppliers like grocery stores, without the burden of waiting in line at food banks for hours.

Trump has done everything he can during his administration to cut SNAP, from budget and eligibility reductions to adding work requirements – bitterly ironic for those who need SNAP because they cannot find work, and building stigma against many who are employed and still struggle. And now that Trump has built up every barrier against obtaining SNAP benefits, he has caused a national crisis that forced millions out of work and into food insecurity.

Hunger should not be political. Congress must expand SNAP for the duration of the pandemic (and then we’ll work with our new Democratic president on ensuring coverage beyond).

Email or call your Senators and demand they boost SNAP immediately. Millions of Americans are going hungry while Senate Republicans play political games.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition telling Congress to close the “qualified immunity” loophole that lets cops get away with murder, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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