Melania and Don Jr. throw fits over Barron mention


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Melania and Don Jr. spark outrage after throwing a fit over mere mention of Barron in hearing

The right-wing immediately erupted in faux outrage over the mere mention of Melania’s son in today’s hearings, and Twitter users were not having it.

Take Action: Tell Melania Trump that if she wants to combat cyberbullying, start with her husband!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Law professor humiliates top Republican at Trump’s impeachment hearing

The disgraceful attack by Republicans got the stinging response it deserves.

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Republicans perturbed after their own witness declares we need “more investigations” into Trump
Trump’s defenders thought they had an ace up their sleeve for the impeachment hearings — but were in for a rude surprise.

Take Action: Sign up for the historic mobilization of nationwide “Nobody is above the law” events to be held on the eve of the House impeachment vote. RSVP for an event near you or sign up to host one in your town.

Trump is caught on hot mic congratulating himself for calling Trudeau “two faced”
The president’s embarrassing week got worse when his attempt to soothe his bruised ego was broadcast to the entire world.

Trump’s USDA change will cause 700,000 to lose food stamps
The attack on America’s most vulnerable comes even as Trump hands out bailouts to farmers for the hardships he created.

Take Action: Stop Trump’s scheme to take food assistance away from low-income hungry kids!

Trump forbids his own lawyer from going on Fox News because he can’t keep his mouth shut
The president is benching Rudy Giuliani from his TV defense team after a number of unforced errors.

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Giuliani’s calls with mysterious ‘-1’ raise more questions for House Democrats
Many are speculating that the number belongs to Trump himself.

George Zimmerman sues family of Trayvon Martin, publisher, prosecutors for $100 million
The racist murderer is trying to profit from off his victims.

George Conway offers up a “compromise” to Republicans: Let’s impeach him AND keep investigating him!
After a Republican impeachment witness demanded more investigations into Trump, the prominent NeverTrumper found an ingenious middle ground.

Trump lies about not knowing Prince Andrew amid Epstein scandal — but he once said Andrew was ‘a lot of fun’
Photos and President Trump’s own statements prove he isn’t telling the truth about his relationship with Prince Andrew


Today’s Action: Climate Strike TOMORROW

The European Parliament has declared a global climate and environmental emergency. This strong statement comes mere weeks after Trump confirmed America’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord.

The U.S. has contributed more to the climate crisis than any other country on Earth. But with our GOP leaders promoting the deep pockets of the fossil fuel industry over the lives of billions who have already started to feel the effects of our damage, we do not have time to wait for a new administration to own up and fix this global disaster.

Tomorrow, December 6, as world leaders gather in Madrid for the United Nations’ COP25 (a climate change conference), concerned Americans have their own gathering: it’s time for another Climate Strike.

Join tomorrow’s Climate Strike, with events across the country. Send a message to Trump, to the United Nations, and to your local leadership, that our country’s passive stance on climate change is unacceptable.

It is imperative that we do not stay silent, and it’s not just about sending Trump our disapproval. Because even as we work to bring in a new president in 2020, our city mayors and state governors can commit NOW to the Paris Climate Agreement, even if our country as a whole does not.

24 states and 438 cities in the U.S. have already signed on. Adding your voice to your local Climate Strike tomorrow – and following it with a phone call – can be part of the movement to pull in our 25th state or our 439th city. Because, frankly, our planet can’t afford for the United States to wait another year.

Add your voice to tomorrow’s Climate Strike, and follow with a phone call to your state and city leadership to adhere to the Paris Climate Agreement (has your governor and mayor signed on yet?), since Trump won’t.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition to hold Donald Trump Jr. accountable for outing the alleged whistleblower and jeopardizing his safety, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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