Melania gets booed by students at youth opioid summit

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First Lady Melania is booed by students at youth opioid summit

Those who made the Faustian bargain of aligning themselves with Donald Trump in return for money and power may in the end discover that the deep stain he’s already left on them and their legacy is far too steep a price. Administration officials who enabled this monstrous man and his systematic cruelty will be remembered by history at best as sociopathic opportunists and at worst as traitors to the Republic. But those serving in formal capacities aren’t the only ones who will be remembered poorly. Trump’s own family members, who continue to encourage his worst impulses and stand by him as he weakens the pillars of our democracy, will ultimately be judged for their complicity.

Earlier today, First Lady Melania Trump gave some remarks about the opioid epidemic at the B’More Youth Summit and things quickly got out of hand. After tossing out some inane platitudes she touted her “Be Best” campaign, her widely-mocked and deeply hypocritical campaign to promote “well-being” and cut down on cyberbullying. It’s hardly an original observation at this point, but it bears repeating that she is married to the world’s most infamous cyberbully — a fact apparently not lost on students… [more]

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