Melania: Greta Thunberg deserved Trump’s bullying

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Melania Trump implies Greta Thunberg deserved Trump’s cyberbullying but Barron is off-limits

The First Lady sparked outrage on social media with her shameful statement absolving herself of any responsibility for her husband’s actions.

Take Action: Tell Melania Trump if she wants to combat cyberbullying, start with her husband!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Trump loses it over impeachment articles advancing in the House

With impeachment all but inevitable, the president went off the deep end.

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House Judiciary Committee approves two Articles of Impeachment against Trump
The full House vote is expected Wednesday.

Take Action: Tell the courts to reject Trump’s absurd argument against complying with an impeachment inquiry!

Trump’s Republican challenger says that four to six Republican Senators told him they want to remove Trump
The President’s Republican firewall may not be as strong as he hopes it will be…

McConnell brags to Hannity about how he’s going to work with Trump to derail Senate impeachment trial
The Senate Majority Leader made it clear that there will not be an impartial impeachment trial.

House Dem makes case: McConnell should recuse in impeachment trial
After McConnell admitted coordination with the defendent, he has no business acting as a juror.

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Trump trashes war hero witness in Oval Office rant after impeachment articles are approved
The president lost his cool and turned ugly in a Friday press conference as impeachment became a reality.

Democratic candidates threaten to skip debate amid labor fight
All seven candidates who have qualified for next week’s debate say they will not cross the picket line.

Take Action: Tell Congress to pass the Raise the Wage Act and raise the Minimum wage to $15 per hour!

White House further limits officials on Trump’s foreign leader calls in wake of Ukraine scandal
Trump’s team’s response to his crimes is to limit future witnesses.

Supreme Court to rule on release of Trump tax records
By granting review of these cases now, the justices made it possible for them to be heard during the current court term.

New York attorney general intensifies investigation into the NRA
New York Attorney General Letitia James issued a new, wide-ranging subpoena in the probe, a person familiar with the document told NBC News.

Trump has described the same conversation about Israel four times. Each time, the name of his Jewish friend changed
Um… Maybe the president is lying.


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