Trump goes to Florida and insults shooting victims

Tell Trump and Congress: Stop hiding the truth. End the federal ban on gun violence research!

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Trump's disgraceful pitstop

Trump goes to Florida to visit massacre victims but takes a shameful detour
His inappropriate pit-stop insulted the memory of those lost in Wednesday’s tragic mass school shooting.

Take Action: Thoughts and prayers are NOT enough! Demand Congress act to combat gun violence

Trump makes an inappropriate hand gesture at hospital full of school massacre victims
The president’s lack of empathy is truly staggering.

Trump's warning

School shooting survivors welcome Trump to Florida with a stunning warning
He announced his visit on Twitter and the students’ response left America speechless.

Take Action: Tell you Members of Congress to support universal background checks and get guns off our streets and out of our schools.

A Florida school shooting survivor challenges Trump “face to face” in viral tweet
She publicly called out the President in brilliant fashion.

Melania punishes Trump for new Playboy Playmate affair revelations
The First Lady made her cheating husband pay and humiliated Trump in front of White House press.

playmate revelation

A Playmate reveals she ended her affair with Trump over his racist “big black d*ck” joke
The bombshell allegations speak volumes about the Republican President’s racism behind closed doors.

Mueller gets his first guilty plea in new Trump-Russia indictments

The President’s house of cards is tumbling down, as the Special Prosecutor closes in.

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Today’s Action: Start flipping the House — NOW

Since Trump’s election, 36 state legislative Districts have flipped from Republican to Democrat — even deep crimson Alabama got swept up in the blue wave!

The work to retake Congress in 2018 has already begun, and it will take a concerted effort from each of us to finish the job and get our sinking ship of state sailing again.

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Conor Lamb is a former federal prosecutor and Marine veteran, who’s campaigning to protect the ACA, Medicare, and Social Security. His opponent in the special election is a far-right conservative who just loves Donald Trump.

The choice is clear: we need Lamb in Congress. And he needs your help to get there.

Don’t think you can make a difference? Think again. The data shows that phone banking can have a major impact on turnout — enough to flip even the reddest districts.

A few phone calls from us all could win a seat in the House. Sign up to phone-bank for Conor Lamb and urge Pennsylvania Democrats to get out the vote on March 13! The wave starts now.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition declaring that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and we must Ban assault weapons NOW, and join the vast majority of Americans demanding Congress protect Dreamers NOW!