Melania, Trump embroiled in secret vaccine scandal

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Top Stories for March 2:

Trumps vaccinated secretly in January, because otherwise he might have helped the country

Getting vaccinated publicly could have gone a long way toward dispelling Republican doubts about the vaccine — so of course the disgraced ex-president didn’t do it.

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Ted Cruz tries to slam Biden’s attorney general nominee… it backfires immediately

Only Cruz could jet down to the Ritz Carlton in Cancun while his constituents were freezing to death and somehow prove himself worse over the following weeks.

Elizabeth Warren on using 14th Amendment to bar Trump from 2024 run

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: We’ve been waiting for this.

Prosecutors investigating Trump family business zero in on company’s chief financial officer
The increased focus on Allen H. Weisselberg, who has worked for the Trump Organization for more than two decades, could step up pressure on him to cooperate with the investigation if the prosecutors unearth evidence of wrongdoing on his part.

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Third Cuomo accuser steps forward, deepening governor’s scandal
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo remained hunkered down in crisis mode as the state attorney general formally announced an investigation into allegations of sexual harassment — and some of the state’s top Democrats began to wonder just how long the three-term governor can hold on.

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Congress investigating boutique health company’s questionable vaccine distribution program that favored VIP recipients

The consequences are deepening for concierge health care provider One Medical after the company reportedly administered vaccinations to those with connections to leadership, as well as ineligible patients.

Georgia House passes insidious GOP bill rolling back voting access
Republican lawmakers in Georgia muscled legislation through the state House on Monday that would roll back voting access, following record turnout and historic Democratic gains in recent elections.

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“Kraken” lawyer Sydney Powell firmly shut down by Supreme Court in lingering Trump election lawsuits
In news that will shock precisely no one, the Supreme Court dismissed without further consideration two leftover lawsuits challenging the 2020 election results in Arizona and Wisconsin.

LA teachers union slams California schools plan as “propagating structural racism”
The United Teachers of Los Angeles’ strong condemnation is a bad sign for Gov. Gavin Newsom and Democrats who spent months working to strike a deal on legislation they believe will spur districts to reopen.

FBI chief to face questions about extremism, MAGA riot
FBI Director Chris Wray is set to testify for the first time since the deadly, pro-Trump Capitol siege, with lawmakers likely to press him on whether the bureau adequately communicated with other law enforcement agencies about the potential for violence that day.

Former top Trump adviser Peter Navarro penned 15-page memo falsely accusing deputy national security adviser of being ‘Anonymous’ mole
Victoria Coates, then a deputy national security adviser, was transferred out of the White House amid a whisper campaign that she was the author of a damning op-ed and book exposing dysfunction and infighting in the ex-president’s administration.


This is America…

Also, America.


Today’s Action: End our Endless War. Repeal the AUMF!

The United States entered into an endless war on September 14th, 2001. On that day, Congress issued an Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF), which gave then-President Bush the ability to use force against nations, organizations, or people he determined were in any way involved in the September 11th attacks. War, without Congressional declaration.

Presidents Bush and Obama used the AUMF at least 37 times in 14 countries to justify military force, often against groups that did not even exist on 9/11. Trump brought the number of countries up to at least 20, used the AUMF to keep troops in Syria and Iraq indefinitely – also uninvolved in the 9/11 attacks – and to assassinate Iranian General Qassem Soleimani.

Then last week, President Biden bombed Iranian-backed militia groups in eastern Syria, killing at least 22. The strikes were justified as retaliation against recent attacks on US forces in Iraq that were ordered out by Iraq’s parliament over a year ago…an order ignored by both Trump and Biden.

We MUST end Endless War. And that means repealing the AUMF, which gives our presidents the singular ability to order death and destruction en masse.

Call or email your Members of Congres and demand they repeal the 2001 and 2002 AUMF.

Repealing the AUMF extends far beyond political party favoritism. Though it initially supported trigger-happy Bush, it was just as embraced by Obama, who launched ten times more drones than Bush. Trump then beat Obama’s numbers, and it’s difficult to believe Biden won’t follow suit like those before him unless he is specifically stripped of these powers NOW.

Hundreds of thousands of civilians dead and millions displaced, the consequence of two decades of unfettered American military action. The first step to stopping endless war is repealing the AUMF.

End our Endless War. Email or call (202.224.3121) your Members of Congress and urge them to repeal the 2001 and 2002 AUMF.

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