Melania tweets an awful Christmas photo and pays the price

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Christmas Day’s Top Stories

Obamas saying Merry Christmas
Trump says “we’ll now be saying Merry Christmas again.” Umm… right…

Melania Trump tweets a disastrous Christmas photo and immediately pays the price
The First Lady’s Christmas Eve post went viral for all the wrong reasons.

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Trump just launched an unprovoked Christmas eve attack on the FBI deputy director’s wife
Instead of spreading good cheer, President “War on Christmas” chose to make his vendetta against the Deputy FBI Director personal.

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Trump’s Treasury Secretary gets the Christmas present he deserves

A mysterious Christmas package addressed to Steve Mnuchin’s mansion in Bel-Air has set the media abuzz.

A tale of two tweets, or what a difference a year makes
The contrast between the Christmas tweets sent by Presidents Obama and Trump could not be starker.

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A prominent Democrat just defended Trump on Fox News, but there’s a problem
They definitely did not think this one through.


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