Melania uses White House website to trash ex-friend

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Top Stories for October 18:

Melania Trump goes full Donald, uses official White House website to trash her ex-friend

The First Lady followed her husband’s playbook to a T in a shameful use of government resources for petty revenge.

Take Action: Tell Melania Trump if she wants to combat cyberbullying, start at home!

Trump-supporting printing company has delayed tens of thousands of mail ballots in Ohio and Pennsylvania
“We fly a flag because my brother and I own the company, and we support President Trump,” said one owner.

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Trump’s bigoted policies trap a woman and kids with their abuser

NEW from American Refugee: The cruelty is the point.

Trump team last-ditch Hunter Biden scandal backfires as hacked emails prove Joe Biden loves his son
The Trump team thought they had their hands on a bombshell, but ended up proving that Joe Biden is a great dad.

Take Action: Demand Trump’s cronies be removed from the US pandemic response so scientists can do their jobs!

White House puts “politicals” at CDC to try to control info
Trump is going to disgraceful lengths to stop science from reaching the American people.

Georgetown University report finds Joe Biden’s free public college plan would pay off within 10 years
Republicans complain of cost, but the truth is Democrats’ investments in the American people help all of us.

Trump lashes out at Republican Senator after audio leaks of him dissing the president
President Trump was furious to hear Ben Sasse call him a “TV-obsessed narcissist” and fired back on Saturday morning.

Election year is here!

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Russian opposition leader calls on Trump to condemn poison used against him
In his first American television interview since nearly losing his life after being poisoned, Alexey Navalny says he’s sure Vladimir Putin is responsible and that President Trump needs to come out against those types of attacks. See the interview, Sunday.

Whitmer blasts Trump over violent Michigan rally rhetoric: “It needs to stop”
Trump was speaking in Western Michigan just days after a plot to kidnap the governor was foiled.

Trump “continued to put us in danger,” says Alexander Vindman’s wife, Rachel
The president’s rhetoric endangered their lives, and it was no accident.

Actions, meet consequences…


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