Melania walks off as Trump endorses Roy Moore


Demand Pedophile Roy Moore Drop Out Of Senate Race

Today’s Action: Help mobilize progressives in swing states

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Melania Walks Away In Disgust After Trump Announces His Decision On Roy Moore
Trump has officially thrown his support behind Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore, despite the fact that Moore has been credibly accused of being a pedophile and… [more]

Today’s Action: Help mobilize progressives in swing states

If you’ve called your Senators with your demands to stop the Trump Tax Scam, thank you. We’ll need every single progressive voice making calls against Trump’s grossly destructive and debt-inducing tax giveaway for millionaires and corporations — from urging Democratic Senators to withhold consent to demanding Republicans vote against party lines.

But there’s more we need to do. Democrats in key swing states need help from the rest of us. Sign up with Indivisible to contact fellow progressives in Alaska, Arizona, and West Virginia to urge them to call their Republican Senators.

In these three states, Republican Senators have shown signs they could vote “no” on the Trump Tax Scam if they are persuaded by their constituents. That’s where you can help, by calling those voters and encouraging them to use the power they have.

Earlier this year, in an incredible feat of democracy, we helped convince three Republican Senators to join with every Senate Democrat to save the Affordable Care Act (ACA) using Indivisible’s peer-to-peer calling network.

But we’re far from out of the fire: Senate Republicans once again plan to massacre the ACA with the Trump tax scam, and to stop them, we must act now.

Be part of history: sign up to urge swing state voters to call their Republican Senators today.

Stop. This. Scam.

December 15 is the deadline to get health coverage under the ACA. Sign up today at and spread the word to ensure you and everyone you know has access to quality affordable care!

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition demanding pedophile Roy Moore drop out of the Senate race, and add your name to the Americans demanding answers on the Trump Tower-Russia meeting and telling Congress to make Jared Kushner testify publicly!