Melania’s gives appalling excuse for jacket insult

Demand Melania Trump apologize for 'I REALLY DON’T CARE' jacket she wore to visit scared kids at the border.


Today’s Action: End Trump’s Zero-Tolerance Policy

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Melania jacket

The Trump administration gives the worst excuse for Melania’s appalling “I don’t care” jacket
The press demanded answers for the First Lady’s insulting apparel choices for her visit to caged kids – and the explanation left a lot to be desired.

Trump’s Stephen Miller tries to eat at a Mexican restaurant and receives an unpleasant surprise
The president’s racism advisor thought he’d celebrate the tearing apart of thousands of families with a nice meal – but it quickly backfired.

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Obama and Solar Energy
People In All 50 States Are Defying Trump’s Efforts To Undo Obama’s Climate Saving Legacy With This Online Service

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Stormy tweet

Stormy Daniels upstages Melania with epic caged immigrant kids announcement
The president’s porn star mistress took it to the First Lady in brilliant fashion.

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House Republicans deal a devastating blow to war widows
The president’s party showed their true colors with this decision.

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Shaub and Trump

Former White House ethics chief tears into Trump in epic tweet over his lie-filled press conference
Walter Shaub watched the president try to whitewash his crimes and immediately set the record straight.

Jeff Sessions contradicts himself in jaw-dropping reversal over caged kids policy (WATCH)
Trump’s complicit attorney general’s double talk got him into serious hot water.

Today’s Action: End Trump’s Zero-Tolerance Policy

President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions have worked together since April to separate 2,500 children from their asylum-seeking parents at the U.S.-Mexico border. But on Wednesday, Trump bowed to political pressure and ended family separation…except that this new executive order is also horrendous.

Moving forward with Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy, which criminally prosecutes all adults caught entering illegally, children will be jailed with their parents. Current plans are to house up to 20,000 immigrant families on military bases in temporary shelters — officially launching our 21st-century version of the Japanese internment camps during World War II.

It was shameful then,, and it’s shameful now.

Call or email your Members of Congress and demand they pass legislation to end Trump’s zero-tolerance policy and stop Trump’s ruthless treatment of children AND adults seeking asylum.

Trump’s plan is also likely in violation of a court settlement that protects children in federal custody. Trump, with his general contempt for our justice system, is asking the courts to dismantle their rules. The only way out of this Catch-22 is dismantling what launched it: Trump’s zero-tolerance policy.

And those 2,500 children ripped away before he signed his executive order? Trump currently has zero plans to reunite them with their families (and zero incentive – it’s a billion-dollar industry). Which means these children, whose desperate cries are burned in our eardrums, still may have no hope of finding their parents ever again…unless we keep the pressure on until Trump caves again.

Email or call (202.224.3121) your Members of Congress and demand they end Trump’s zero-tolerance policy with more humane legislation.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition to demand Melania Trump apologizes for the “I REALLY DON’T CARE” jacket she wore to visit scared kids at the border, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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