Tell the media to call Trump out on his dishonest smear of Michelle Obama!

It was as predictable as it was painfully dishonest. Following former First Lady Michelle Obama’s frank and compassion-filled assessment of Donald Trump’s failed presidency, the Oval Office occupant took to Twitter and then a White House podium to smear her.

What little substance he offered was false, and virtually every word dripped with petty insecurity and vitriol. We are long past saying Trump’s behavior is unbecoming of a president. His pathetic attempt at bullying would not be tolerated on a grade school playground.

Tell the media not to stand for it! Add your name to remind them that it is their job not to pretend that there is any sincerity or substance to these malicious attacks and to call them out for what they are: the desperate lies of a scared conman who can’t handle being shown up by a woman.

No one should pretend that Trump’s comments are motivate by anything but pettiness. Mrs. Obama said he was in over his head. Trump responded, “she’s in over her head.” He complained that she didn’t do the speech live. In other words, he’s got nothing.

Tell the media not to fall for his pathetic tricks and call out his attack on Michelle Obama for the dishonest smear that it is!


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