Mueller confirms a huge piece of Trump-Russia dossier

Stop Trump from using dirty legal tricks to silence ex-staffers speaking out against his crimes!


Today’s Action: Attend a Tax March Protest this weekend and take pictures! Tag #TaxMarch and #TaxMarchOD to show us what democracy looks like!

Today’s Top Stories:

Mueller confirms a huge piece of the Steele Trump-Russia dossier

This Friday afternoon bombshell is going to provoke panic in the White House.

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A top Republican resigns in disgrace over hypocritical abortion scandal
The prominent “family values” conservative got exactly what he deserves.

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Impeach Trump & Pence

Brennan and Trump

Obama’s CIA chief reads Trump the writing on the wall in historic tweet
Director Brennan sent the President and his cronies a disturbing warning they can’t afford to ignore.

Trump lawyer just got the news from the Justice Department that he’s been dreading
On Monday Michael Cohen had his office and residences raided. Now, the other shoe has dropped.

Trump and McCabe

Andrew McCabe’s lawyer taunts Trump over Twitter meltdown
The president’s unhinged tweet came back to haunt him almost immediately.

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Sally Yates publicly calls out Trump’s cowardice for refusing to face Mueller in epic interview
The former acting Attorney General exposed the President’s guilty conscience for the whole nation to see.

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Today’s Action: Attend a Tax March Protest this weekend

The second annual Tax March is this weekend. All across the country, voters will gather to give the GOP a public preview of the anger they face in midterm elections.

We have only begun to feel the disastrous effects of the TrumpTax, the giveaway to corporations and millionaires that Trump and Congressional Republicans jammed through last December. In the face of overwhelming public outcry, Republicans passed a bill that raises taxes on 92 million middle class families, drops 13 million from health care, and places other public programs in critical danger of de-funding by adding trillions to the national debt. Meanwhile, the richest 1% will receive 83% of the tax cuts by 2027.

With Tax Day approaching, we have a big chance to publically call out the GOP — right before we VOTE them out. The good folks of Indivisible have organized over 100 Tax March events across the country between now and Tuesday.

Attend a Tax March event near you. Keep your outrage loud and alive in the press and on social media by adding your voice to the protests this weekend! Be sure to take plenty of pictures while you’re there and share them on social media with the tags #TaxMarch and #TaxMarchOD.

Every single Democrat in the House and Senate voted against the TrumpTax. Nearly 100% of Republicans in both houses voted aye.

  • If your Members of Congress voted against the bill, your Tax March will remind them to keep fighting…and will encourage progressives with Republican representatives to keep making noise too.
  • If your reps voted for the bill, your Tax March will not only be in their morning update, but will remind the Republican voters in your district how badly they’ve been affected by the TrumpTax.

Search for your nearest Tax March and tag your photos with #TaxMarch and #TaxMarchOD. Keep the message loud and clear: the TrumpTax was a big mistake, and Republicans will see the consequences at midterms.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition to stop Trump from using dirty legal tricks to silence ex-staffers speaking out against his crimes, and join the Americans demanding Congress protect Dreamers NOW!


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