Mueller opens investigation of foreign Trump donors

Vice President Pence is complicit in Trump's crimes and must resign NOW.


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Today’s Top Stories:

Trump and Mueller

Mueller opens investigation into Trump’s foreign inauguration donors
The president’s inauguration fund was filled with cash from outside the country – and the Special Counsel wants to know why.

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Racist man berates Muslim woman in coffee shop, immediately gets what he deserves (WATCH)
His disgusting rant backfired in humiliating fashion.

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Obama and Solar Energy
Trump’s tariff on solar can’t stop US-based Arcadia Power

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The two young heros

Waffle House hero and Emma González take a photo together that is breaking the internet
The two young icons finally met and the result is amazing.

Oakland citizens get the best revenge on racist woman who called cops over BBQ (WATCH)
This week she went viral for her attack on an innocent black family. Now, the community struck back.

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An anti-Republican Mother’s Day ad goes viral for the best reason
The hilarious video is burning up on social media today.

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White cop just got caught on camera repeatedly punching 17-year-old black teen in the face
The damning footage is sweeping across social media.

Protest 24/7 with gear from Resistance Merch
People are saying Trump wants apology from progressive merch store

OD Action Partner: Resistance Merch refuses to back down, instead doubles down with new resistance gear.

Sunday’s funnies

Melania funnie

Trump and Stormy funnie

Tom and Jerry Funnie

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