New ‘Apprentice’ tape exposes Trump’s racist past

Demand Congress investigate credible allegations of rape against Donald Trump!


Today’s Action: Host or attend a Democratic debate watch party!

BREAKING: Iran says it has arrested 17 U.S. spies and has already sentenced some to death.

Today’s Top Stories:

A new recording from The Apprentice exposes Trump’s history of racist ideas

The then-reality TV show host demonstrated his bigotry with a remarkably bad idea that informs his current behavior.

Take Action: Demand Republicans to join Democrats in condemning Trump’s hateful, racist tweets!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Fox host shreds Stephen Miller over Trump’s racism

Chris Wallace wasn’t about to let the president’s top bigot pretend this racism was anything but racism.

Take Action: Tell Trump and his cronies to stop enabling white nationalist violence with hate speech!

People in all 50 states are outsmarting the dirty energy industry with this online service

OD Action Partner: Arcadia Power is offering a way for all Americans to join the green power movement — fee. No installation, no contract, $20 off your next electric bill.

Comey epicly taunts Trump over upcoming Mueller hearing
The former FBI director poked the president with his cleverly contrasting tweet.

Louisiana police officer suggests Ocasio-Cortez should be shot in Facebook post
The cop has not been disciplined for the now-deleted post that flagrantly encourages violence against an elected official.

House Judiciary Chair claims ‘very substantial evidence’ Trump is ‘guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors’
The Rep. who would be in charge of impeachment hearings is sounding the drum beat.

Take Action: Tell Congress to launch impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump!

An ex-intelligence official reveals the biggest threat to America in powerful op-ed
Trump and Republican leaders refuse to acknowledge the danger the author so accurately points out.

Resist in style with progressive gifts and gear from Resistance Merch

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Israel razes Palestinian homes ‘built too near barrier’
Netanyahu’s government alleges that the homes pose a security risk.

Today’s Action: Host or attend a Democratic debate watch party!

The second round of Democratic presidential debates are next week, July 30 and 31! This is an exciting and critical time in our journey to defeat Trump in 2020. Getting voters pumped about candidates – and ensuring candidates are pushing our platforms – starts now. There’s no better way to tackle both goals than by hosting or attending a debate watch party!

Although each candidate on stage is running as a Democrat, we will see a wide variety of attitudes and responses on each issue…a good reminder that it’s important not to assume stances at this early stage, and to tune in to identify the best candidate.

Save the date for July 30 and 31 – plan to tune in for the debates, and send an invitation out NOW to invite your friends, family, and community over for a watch-party! Prefer not to party-plan? Indivisible and SwingLeft will tell you if there are events already planned in your neighborhood!

We don’t just want *any* new president. Just as the Great Depression opened up the doors for FDR and a generation of real progressive reforms, this new Trumpian rock bottom provides an opportunity to elect a president who will truly push America forward on issues like combating climate change, implementing a strong, compassionate immigration policy, valuing women’s and minority rights, enacting tax policies that expand opportunity and benefit the majority of American (not just billionaires and corporations), and so much more.

And just as importantly, we need voters who are fired up. We need Democrats who don’t *just* show up on Election Day (we need that, for sure), but who are also inspired to make phone calls, canvass for candidates, register voters, and donate to help push a Democratic president across the finish line next November.

All of this begins with watching the debates, which helps us sort out whom to rally behind and how we want to be involved. So gather your friends and a few snacks and beverages…and welcome the official start of the 2020 election season.

Mark your calendar for July 30 and 31 for the second Democratic debate. Gather your community to help us determine our best candidate for 2020. Or, check out Indivisible and SwingLeft for events already planned near you!


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