Demand the resignation of Kentucky legislators who used anti-Jewish slurs in a hearing!


Top Stories for March 25:

Ginni Thomas texts to Mark Meadows contain QAnon YouTube videos

Buried within the damning trove of messages is clear evidence that Justice Thomas’ wife has a metastasizing case of online brain worms.

Take Action: Call for Clarence Thomas’ wife to testify about her involvement in Trump’s insurrection!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: A MAGA loyalist just threw Trump under the bus with a BOMBSHELL admission

The disgraced ex-president’s penchance for immediately discarding anyone who doesn’t parrot the MAGA party line has backfired on him bigly.

Major update on windfall tax for oil companies

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: Whoa.

Russian invasion of Ukraine worsening historic drought in East Africa
Millions of lives are at risk as Putin’s tyranny turns the world’s breadbasket into mud and rubble.

Take Action: Demand ALL US companies stop doing business with Putin in Russia!

Yemen despairs as US-backed Saudi war enters its eighth year
As the world focuses on the horrors playing out in Ukraine, the US-supported Saudi war in Yemen drags on. Oxfam warns that another year of fighting would bring “unimaginable suffering to civilians,” millions of whom are already struggling to feed themselves.

Take Action: Demand investigation of the Trumps’ illegal ties to the Saudi royal family after murder cover-up!

1/6 committee sets contempt vote for 2 former Trump aides

Trump’s former trade adviser, Peter Navarro, and his former Twitter weenie, Dan Scavino, are in hot water for their refusal to cooperate.

Manchin returns to negotiating table with Democrats over Biden agenda
The infuriating, grandstanding conservative Democrat has finally decided what he wants.

Texas Democrat takes a courageous stand against factory farm cruelty

OD Action partner: Rep. Veronica Escobar’s new bill will finally put an end to some of the most horrific “business practices” in animal agriculture.

Alabama attorney general refuses to admit Biden is legitimately elected president during KBJ hearing
The degree of extremism in some of America’s most important offiicals was put on ugly display for all to see.

Donald Trump sues Hillary Clinton over 2016 Russian collusion allegations
Not the Onion.

GOP congressman convicted of lying to FBI over illegal contributions
A $30,000 contribution from a foreign billionaire has the Nebraska Republican facing five years in prison.

Georgia voters file legal challenge to Marjorie Taylor Greene’s candidacy over 1/6 involvement
Karma comes back to haunt MTG in a big way.


Still no quiet on the Eastern Front

I took a trip down to L’America


Today’s Action: Join the fight for voting rights!

The 2020 election saw historic increases in voter turnout, but it also became the source of myriad, baseless conspiracies. Ensuring that every single person has access to their vote is always a priority, but with midterm elections coming up the stakes are only getting higher. Whether it’s on social media, in school, or directly in our community — every single one of us has a space to make our voices heard in this fight.

The good folks at When We All Vote know that equitable access to the polls is the foundation of a functioning democracy, and they offer a couple of different ways to get involved:

Become a Voting Squad Captain

If you’re ready to start conversations about our right and civic responsibility to vote, becoming a Voting Squad Captain could be for you. Captains will gain access to tools, coaching, and resources to get their communities ready to vote! If you need more info before signing up, check out their Voting Squad Starter Guide.

Join the Rapid Response #SocialSquad

If social media and connecting digitally is more your speed, the Rapid Response #SocialSquad is the perfect way to facilitate conversations about exercising the right to vote. Signing up for the rapid response team will give you access to critical social media graphics and messages from When We All Vote to share with your online community. Sign up to hear how to get started!

Join the My School Votes program

If you’re a parent, educator, or high school student, the My School Votes program is a great way to set students up for life-long civic engagement. Sign up through When We All Vote to get a starter kit of resources and support to help you start a voter registration program at your school!

Ensuring that everyone has the information they need to get to the ballot box, as well as the support and resources to fully engage in the electoral process, is absolutely critical for a healthy democracy. The more people like you we have taking action, the better!


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