New Playboy model admits affair with Trump (photos)

Condemn Trump for bombing Syria while leaving their refugees to die!


Today’s Action: Stop Trump from sending the National Guard to the Mexican border

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A new Playboy model reveals her affair with Trump and she has photos to prove it
The president won’t be able to lie his way out of this one.

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Trump gets jealous of the applause for John Bolton, proposes firing him
Our narcissist-in-chief showed his true colors at today’s media event.

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Cuomo and Conway

Chris Cuomo owns Kellyanne Conway in brutal interview about James Comey
The president’s minion tried to defend him but got humiliated on live television.

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Hannity responds to being exposed as a client of Trump’s lawyer
The embattled FOX News host heard the news and immediately took to Twitter to respond.

Laura Ingle

The on-air moment Fox News learned Cohen’s secret client was Hannity is everything (WATCH)
Their faces on the live broadcast are priceless.

America’s cybersecurity czar quits abruptly
The man in charge of keeping our nation safe from Russian hackers has had it with the president.

Today’s Action: Stop Trump from sending the National Guard to the Mexican border

So, you know that wall Trump promised us? Turns out, Mexico is not going to pay for it. Raise your hand if you’re surprised.

But that’s not all. Even the Republican Congress doesn’t want to pay for Trump’s wasteful monstrosity. So, in an almost-laughable display of bravado, Trump has called for National Guard troops to the border.

This is yet another inflammatory, wasteful, and utterly unnecessary move by Trump to cater to the most bigoted elements of his base. Despite Trump’s savagely racist agenda, unauthorized border crossings are at their lowest since the 1970’s.

But here’s the good news: Trump doesn’t make decisions over whether the National Guard is deployed. Governors do.

Call or email your state’s Governor and demand they refuse Trump’s racist, politicized use of our National Guard.

The National Guard is supposed to serve only in times of great need — for example, a foreign power invasion or during natural disasters. Firing up a deranged president’s base definitely does not qualify.

Several Governors, Democratic and Republican, have already vowed to deny Trump’s request — but several other GOP-led states are rearing to join in. We need to work now to strengthen our Governors for resistance.

Call or email your Governor and demand they stand up against Trump’s xenophobic, wasteful use of our National Guard. We’ve resisted the wall and we’ll resist this too.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition condemning Trump for bombing Syria while leaving their refugees to die, and join the Americans demanding Congress protect Dreamers NOW!


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