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Top Stories for April 13:

Before Jan. 6, former aide to Roger Stone encouraged Trump supporters to “descend on the Capitol”

A new recording from a week before the attack shows ex-Roger Stone aide John Sullivan telling Trump supporters that martial law was coming and for them to “descend on the capital.”

Take Action: Demand Congress pass the bill to stop Republicans from trying to overturn ANOTHER presidential election!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: The top Georgia Republican Senate candidate just humiliated himself with a nonsensical Fox rant

When Republicans send us Senate candidates, they aren’t sending their best.

Take Action: Tell President Biden to take action to stop the epidemic of sexual abuse by Homeland Security!

Support progressive hero Annie Andrews for Congress

Annie Andrews: After Republicans responded to a deadly high school shooting with photos of their families holding AR-15s by a Christmas tree, Andrews called out their ignorance in pitch perfect fashion — with books. She is the leader we need in Congress. Please help us get her there!

Person of interest identified in NYC subway mass shooting
Frank James, 62, is the renter of a U-Haul van whose keys were discovered at the scene of the shooting. 29 were injured, ten by gunfire, but thankfully nobody has died.

Take Action: Tell New York City Mayor Eric Adams to stop his cruel homeless encampment sweeps!

New York lieutenant governor resigns after bribery charges
New York Lieutenant Governor Brian Benjamin resigned on Tuesday after being charged with bribery and fraud for allegedly directing state funds toward a real estate developer in exchange for campaign contributions.

Take Action: Demand the Justice Department investigate Jared Kushner for shady investments from the Saudis!

South Dakota’s attorney general is impeached over a fatal hit-and-run
After a nail-backing 36-31 vote, the case now moves to a Senate trial, which will require a two-thirds majority to punish Jason Ravnsborg for killing a man with his car and driving away.

Ukraine secret service says it has arrested top Putin ally
Viktor Medvedchuk, believed by many to be Putin’s choice for a Ukrainian puppet leader if he had taken Kyiv, is now behind bars.

Watch Combat Veteran Richard Ojeda’s OUTRAGED reaction to Matt Gaetz’ insults against our military

OD Action partner: “Matt Gaetz doesn’t deserve to sit in the halls of Congress, Matt Gaetz doesn’t deserve to represent anybody… Matt Gaetz should be in jail!” Watch military veteran Richard Ojeda’s scathing take-down of Gaetz!

Democrats ‘stunned’ as Youngkin vetoes 25 bipartisan bills
In a show of arrogance towards state Democrats, Virginia governor Glenn Youngkin is personally keeping the legislature from doing its job.

The climate crisis is supercharging rainfall in hurricanes, scientists report
The rainfall from hurricanes during the deadly, record-breaking 2020 season was as much as 11% higher because of the human-caused climate crisis.

New study on violence against kids with disabilities rings alarm bells
A new study suggests that nearly a third of children and adolescents with disabilities has experienced violence. They’re more than twice as likely to suffer violence as kids without disabilities.

Truckers are now blocking the Texas border — this time to protest Republicans
Governor Abbott’s performative and unnecessary order for state troopers to hunt for immigrants in cargo is leading to day-long wait times and furious truckers.


Animals, they’re just like us!

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Today’s Action: Pass the PRO Act and protect the right to unionize!

More than 100 Amazon facilities across the country have reached out to the American Labor Union president about unionizing their facilities thanks to a major win at a Staten Island warehouse, where employees formed the first ever successful Amazon union. But in the midst of this fight, Amazon is still spending endless resources to block any further unionization efforts. Bezos & co. have even been developing an internal chat app for employees that uses a “bad-word monitor” that bans utterly benign words like “union,” “fairness,” “pay raise,” “restrooms,” and even more… Certainly not the actions of an ethical corporation concerned about its employees.

Corporate giants like Maximus, Starbucks, REI Co-op, Kelloggs, and John Deere have all had workers strike in the past year. While unionization efforts only continue to ramp up thanks to that momentum, workers have a massive fight ahead of them — business behemoths with access to massive resources and zero concerns beside their bottom lines are steadfast and staunchly opposed. Simply put, American workers are engaged in a cross-country fight against illegal, union-busting tactics from bigwigs who want to line their pockets at the expense of those who literally make the companies run. They need our unwavering support in securing the right to unionize.

If certain senators don’t stop holding up the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act to provide more equitable conditions for all workers, the damage will only continue.

Call (202-224-3121) or write your senators and ask them to support the PRO Act in solidarity with the growing labor movement across the country!

Corporate fatcats and their corrupt cronies in Congress have been relentlessly trying to stamp out worker power and crush American unions for decades, but the fact is, when unions thrive, American workers and families thrive. It’s really that simple. Unfortunately, unionization isn’t easy for anyone. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics recently released their 2021 union membership report, which reported that union membership dropped by nearly a quarter million workers — meaning the addition of 4.2 million pandemic recovery jobs didn’t grow the number of workers in unions. Corporate America’s desperate efforts to get everyone back to work has reminded workers everywhere they’re worth more than low pay, low benefits, long hours, and emotional abuse from unappreciative bosses.

Call (202-224-3121) or write your senators and demand they support the PRO Act! Send them this petition with almost 40,000 signatures in favor of its passage!


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