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Hurricane Ian makes landfall in Cuba, Florida on high alert

Top Stories for September 27:

Trump’s ex-chief of staff Mark Meadows’ texts reveal direct White House communication with pro-Trump operative behind plans to seize voting machines

Meadows texted with Phil Waldron, a Mike Flynn-linked GOP operative in Arizona, about lawsuits by Republicans demanding they gain access to the voting machines. The new evidence shows just how deeply involved the White House was with every level of the plot to steal the election in 2020.

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Sen. Kyrsten Sinema goes viral with horrific statement at McConnell event

The Arizona senator contemptuously trashed the voters of America as she licked McConnell’s boots at the dark nexus of Republican corruption.

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🚨 The January 6 Committee hearings are BACK

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen: To watch along with Brian Tyler Cohen starting at 9am PT/12p ET on September 28, click the above video and hit NOTIFY ME to be alerted as soon as the livestream begins:

Cuba overwhelmingly votes to legalize same sex-marriage, reforms family law
While a fervent anti-LGBTQ smear campaign washes over the United States, Cubans voted by a wide margin to pass a hugely progressive series of reforms that legalize gay marriage, allow surrogate pregnancies, and allow gay couples to adopt.

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1,000 San Francisco International Airport restaurant workers go on strike
Unite Here Local 2, the union representing SFO’s food service workers, announced in a press release that 1,000 of SFO’s cashiers, cooks, baristas, bartenders, servers, and dishwashers are walking off the job for better pay. Union president Anand Singh said that most food service workers at SFO make around $17 an hour — a wage so low that many of them need to work two or three jobs.

Take Action: Tell Congress to pass the No Tax Breaks for Union Busters Act!

McConnell works to kill Manchin’s pipe dream as payback for IRA

The Republican leader is whipping up Republicans to vote against a plan by Chuck Schumer to pair Joe Manchin’s pet fossil fuel pipeline bill with a must-pass government funding bill as payback for voting for Biden’s historic Inflation Reduction Act. Ironically, this would be great for progressives, who deeply oppose Manchin’s plans for even more climate-polluting natural gas pipes.

Appeals court blocks California ban on for-profit prisons
Look, folks. We’re obviously not going to stop locking up human beings at alarmingly high rates. Why not (let a handful of crooked corporations) make a few (billion) bucks while we’re at it? It’s the American way!

Doctors. Teachers. Women. LGBT+ kids. The GOP is waging culture war against all of them, and we can’t let them win

Swing State Victory Project: Republican politicians and their propagandists at FOX are unleashing a tidal wave of cruelty on an unwilling American public, targeting some of the most important members of our society and putting them in very real danger. Will you chip in to help Swing State Victory Project elect Democrats who will put a stop to the madness?

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton fled his home to avoid being served with subpoena, court record says
Nothing says “I’m not guilty” like running away from a subpoena. Paxton has been under indictment for securities fraud for seven years and faces a whistleblower lawsuit from former top deputies who accused him of abuse of office. He is also being sued by Texas abortion funds.

Biden’s student loan cancellation plan to cost $400 billion, Congressional Budget Office estimates
The CBO admitted the estimate was “highly uncertain” —and even if it’s not, that’s less than half the amount we spend on the military EVERY single year. We can afford it, folks.

Texas police investigate use of force after video of officer slamming student into lunch cart circulates
In a horrifying display of barbarism, a police officer picks up a student and slams him back-first into a metal lunch cart while ostensibly “breaking up a fight.”

Lauren Boebert, Marjorie Taylor Greene among Republicans celebrating election of Italian neofascist
For all the pearl-clutching and crocodile tears over being called “semi-fascist” by Biden, MAGA Republicans sure seem to like fascism when they see it.


Things fall apart

DEEP DIVE: Italy elects Mussolina


Today’s Action: Take action to help Hurricane Fiona victims in Puerto Rico!

More than 600,000 Puerto Ricans still lack power nine days after Hurricane Fiona made landfall and pummeled the island with 30-plus inches of rain. The full scope of the damage is massive and still coming into focus —widespread mudslides and flooding have washed away bridges, ripped pavement from roads, and left millions of Puerto Ricans without clean drinking water. Fiona arrived on the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Maria, a catastrophic flooding event many parts of the island still haven’t recovered from. Puerto Rico’s infrastructure, already lacking from decades of neglect from the US government, was compromised even further by Fiona’s devastating landfall.

Puerto Rico needs aid now. We cannot allow Puerto Ricans to wait another five years for crucial infrastructure to be rebuilt in their communities following yet another natural disaster — especially not when America claims their land as US territory. It is our moral duty and obligation to contribute to their recovery.

Trusted local organizations in Puerto Rico need critical donations now. If you have the means, check out this Twitter thread of mutual aid and community-led groups doing the hard work and make your donation today. Every second matters, and every dollar counts!


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