New York’s new solar program just changed the game

Sign up for New York’s new community solar

Our air, rivers, drinking water and planet are under attack by big fossil fuels. But what if there was an easy way to fight back – and even save money?

Good news — if you live in New York, there is. Our partner Arcadia Power, just released a community solar program that allows residents of the Empire State to help support local clean solar and get guaranteed savings.

With community solar, you don’t need to install anything on your property, instead local residents can share from the benefit of a solar farm located remotely. This helps to bring more solar to New York, and saves New York residents money on their power bills.

How do you sign up? Simply enroll your utility account on Arcadia Power’s website, and they will credit savings from the community solar farm’s production directly to your power bill.

It really is that easy, and it’s available to National Grid, RG&E, and NYSEG utility customers for a limited time, with only 700 spots available per community solar project. There are no commitments or costs.

The combination of state regulations and progressive businesses makes options like this possible for us to take control of our energy at the local level, bringing immediate savings and long-term benefits to the planet.

Sign up today and get $25 off your next power bill >>



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