Nikki Haley compares impeaching Trump to ‘death penalty’

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Nikki Haley compares impeaching Trump to “the death penalty”

The former U.N. ambassador is the latest prominent Republican to go off the rails in her defense of the president.

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Trump demands no public hearings… after demanding public hearings

It was never about the process. It was always about obstruction.

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Trump’s chief of staff refuses to testify in impeachment inquiry “one minute” before deposition started
Mick Mulvaney showed his contempt for the Democrats with his rude stunt, but it’s likely going to come back to haunt him.

Trump says whistleblower’s lawyer should be “sued” for “maybe treason” in wild, incoherent rant
With public impeachment hearings set to begin next week, the president is fumbling for a way to defend himself.

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New testimony directly implicates Trump’s chief of staff in Ukraine-Biden extortion plot
Now we know why Mick Mulvaney suddenly refused to testify at the last minute.

A comedy duo changed the covers of Don Jr.’s book to read “Daddy, Please Love Me” at bookstore
“The Good Liars” felt that the First Son’s book about how everyone is mean to his dad needed a more honest title.

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New report shows Trump and Giuliani’s minions tried to extort the previous Ukrainian leader too
It turns out that Trump’s plot to dig up dirt on his enemies extends to not one but TWO Ukranian presidents.

EPA chief of staff under investigation in document destruction
It’s getting hard to find a part of the Trump administration that isn’t corrupt.

Bolton knows about ‘many relevant meetings and conversations’ on Ukraine that lawmakers might be unaware of, his lawyer says
The lawyer for Trump’s former National Security Advisor made the disclosure in a letter explaining why the former national security adviser says he needs a court order to be able to testify.

Absent yourself’: Transcripts reveal what Schiff told Gaetz when he crashed secure hearing
There was a tense back-and-forth when the unauthorized Republican lawmaker was in the room during impeachment inquiry testimony.

U.S. Envoy in Syria says not enough was done to avert Turkish attack
In an internal memo, the senior American diplomat in northern Syria criticized the Trump administration for failing to try harder to deter Turkey from invading northern Syria last month.


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