Tell Trump: We don’t need a fascist military parade!

Time and again, President Trump and his Republican enablers in Congress have told us that America does not have the money for the most basic investments — in healthcare, housing, education, infrastructure, caring for our veterans, and more.

And yet, they continue to spend millions on personal extravagances and are giving away more than a trillion dollars to their wealthiest and most powerful donors through the GOP Tax Scam.

Now, Trump has his sights set on a military parade more befitting of North Korea and history’s fascist regimes than the American republic.

Tell him NO!

Americans have real problems that need solutions, not strong man distractions that divide the globe and feed the president’s fragile ego.

Trump’s proposed show of force is pure dictatorial narcissism and as un-American as it gets. Add your name to tell Trump: We don’t need a military parade in the United States of America!