Tell judges not to let Trump pardon himself!

More than a dozen investigations are already in the works against Trump, for the crimes stacked up during and before his presidency. Obstruction of justice, lying to investigators, collusion to influence an election, tax fraud, not to mention attempting a coup…he’s covered a lot of ground.

Sitting presidents have the unique ability to issue pardons, which cannot be touched by Congress or courts, and Trump has already begun to issue his. But Trump, knowing the lengths he has gone to break the law, has previously hinted at his “absolute right” to pardon himself

Tell judges to reject Trump’s plans to evade his crimes with a personal presidential pardon!

The Constitution does not dictate explicitly whether or not a president may pardon themselves – and there’s no historical precedent for this scenario, perhaps because no president has committed such an extensive array of transparently criminal activity.

But to do so, and to have it go unchallenged, would impose a shocking protection for the highest office in the land and upset the delicate checks and balances our federal government relies on. 

Add your name to demand judges block any self-pardon by Trump. Trump is not above the law.


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