The NRA is scared. Now is the time to fight back

Demand Congress take action on gun violence

Since the days immediately following the 2016 election, the good people at Indivisible have been on the front lines of every battle against the reckless, racist, and often deadly agenda of Donald Trump and his Congressional enablers.

Now, the NRA and the Congressional Republicans on their payroll are running scared in the face of true courage and leadership from the student survivors of last week’s school massacre in Parkland, Florida, and the OD Action community is proud to once again stand at Indivisible’s side. We encourage you to take a moment to join the fight for common sense protections against America’s epidemic of gun violence.

From Indivisible:

On February 14, in a high school in Broward County, Florida, a former student used a legally-purchased assault weapon to kill 17 students, teachers, and coaches.

The tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School is just the latest school shooting in 2018. There has been an average of one per week just since the start of the year.

In 2016 alone, the gun lobby gave $5,900,000 to buy off Members of Congress. It’s no wonder that each time a shooting happens, Donald Trump and many senators and representatives are unwilling to do anything more than extend “thoughts and prayers.”

If they truly want to honor the victims – not just tweet out platitudes – they must take meaningful action to stop gun violence before more people are injured or die.

Each and every one of us must stand together to hold our leaders accountable. We must make sure that they never forget that no amount of campaign cash is worth a life.

Add your name and commit to hold Congress accountable for its inaction. Our elected officials must know that they can no longer get away with taking gun lobby money while Americans die.


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