Ousted vaccine chief exposes how Trump let thousands die

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Demand the White House stop gaslighting America for its failed response — The buck stops with Trump!


Today’s Top Stories:

Ousted vaccine director files whistleblower complaint alleging pandemic warnings were ignored

Dr. Rick Bright says he resisted pressure from HHS leaders to make “potentially harmful” antimalarial drugs more widely available and was demoted for prioritizing “science and safety.”

Take Action: Demand White House officials stop wasting time and resources defending Trump’s OBVIOUS LIES. Work to save lives!

Trump nominee crumbles under questioning by Kamala Harris at hearing

The unqualified choice for Intel chief could not handle the slightest scrutiny from the California senator.

Take Action: Tell the Senate to reject Trump’s incompetent, unqualified nominee for National Intelligence chief!

Check out this week’s episode: Side effects of taking the president’s advice include certain death

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George Conway issues sarcastic jab at Trump over “moonface” attack tweet: You forgot my friend!
The president tried to torch Kellyanne Conway’s husband, but it was George Conway who had the last laugh.

White House plots breakup of pandemic task force mid-fight
The “wartime” president is pivoting away from the “invisible enemy,” despite a precipitous rise in cases.

Take Action: Be sure you’re doing the five key things to stop the spread.

Trump readily admits reopening the country will result in more deaths, hit some Americans “badly”
The president again deflected blame for medical supply shortages, stating, “I have a lot of things going on.”

GOP governor admits reopening state will spread deadly virus in leaked audio
As Texas reopens ahead of schedule, new audio shows the Republican governor is knowingly risking lives.

Election year is here!

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Trump ignores own federal guidelines and company policy, refuses mask while visiting plant manufacturing masks
Signs clearly outlining the necessary safety precautions were blithely ignored by the president in a dangerous display of apathy.

CBS reporter claps back at Trump after he complains she’s “angry” and not demure like a 1950s housewife
Trump singled out two “angry” women reporters and suggested that he wished they behaved more like good housewives from the 1950s.

Revealed: State GOP political appointees spent nearly $100 million in welfare funds on concerts, cars and lavish celebrity events that didn’t happen
The review of the Mississippi Department of Human Services found more than $94 million in lavish spending that appeared questionable, unverified or outright wrong.

Seniors rip Trump for holding relief hostage to push Social Security cuts
The president is declaring war on seniors, pushing draconian payroll tax cuts in the middle of a pandemic.

In late-night tirade, Trump explodes at powerful new ad from never Trumpers
The truth seems to have struck a nerve with the narcissist-in-chief.

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Yes. Seriously.


Today’s Action: Tell Congress to support state governments – not bankrupt them

State governments fund public services and the workers who provide those services: our educators, firefighters, police officers, sanitation collectors, and highway construction workers. States also fund our unemployment insurance, coronavirus testing sites, and so many other frontline battles in the fight against this pandemic. Coronavirus has wreaked havoc on state economies, and thus state budgets, and both red states and blue states are calling for support from the federal government.

But after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) pushed through a $500 billion support package for corporations and giving 43,000 hedge fund and real-estate mogul millionaires a tax break that will cost the rest of us $90 billion just in 2020, he now wants state governments to declare bankruptcy.

And Trump has said he’ll expect quid pro quo from blue states in order to receive funding for a crisis they didn’t cause – such as relinquishing sanctuary city status.

Call or email your Members of Congress and demand they fight hard to fund and support our state governments and state workers– declaring bankruptcy is NOT the smart option and unrelated partisan political demands is unacceptable during a public health crisis.

The federal government has the ability to borrow an almost-unlimited amount of money, and right now the interest rates are negative – so now is the time to borrow to help out our struggling economy. But states do not have this option, and are legally required to keep a balanced budget. States also aren’t legally allowed to declare bankruptcy (for good reason) and now isn’t the time to start changing the law on that.

Mitch is pulling a political trick in the middle of a crisis, hoping to force states to cut their employee rosters – fire teachers, reduce fire station budgets – in the guise of fiscal responsibility while he continues to hand blank checks to millionaires.

And Trump’s threat against sanctuary cities? Immigration status has absolutely nothing to do with defeating coronavirus, and will prove a roadblock towards saving lives if he pursues..

We see through this. We must fight hard against this.

Email or call (202.224.3121) your Members of Congress and tell them ABSOLUTELY NOT to letting states go bankrupt while corporations and millionaires get bankrolled, or threatening blue states with partisan quid pro quo. Congress must fund states properly to see them through this crisis that they didn’t cause.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition calling on Trump to stop gaslighting America for his failed response, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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