Outrage as Pence motorcade invades “no cars” island

It cost $20 million to clean up the mess of the Pence family business, and taxpayers paid the bill. Make them pay us back!


Today’s Top Stories:

“Sacrilege”: Michiganders outraged after Pence visits island where cars are banned in 8-car motorcade

Trump’s vice president broke the tradition and violated the norms in the usually peaceful Mackinac Island.

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Giuliani embarrasses himself with another disastrous interview on Ukraine

Trump’s lawyer found himself in a hole and kept digging.

Take Action: Indict Trump and Giuliani for witness tampering!

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Trump contradicts his own Secretary of State on Ukrainian call, floats releasing transcript
Hours after Secretary Pompeo shut down the idea, the Republican president breathed new life into the possibility.

Trump accuses Biden of lying about his knowledge of son’s business: “Who wouldn’t speak to your son?”

As the Ukraine scandal gains steam, Trump engages in blatant, projecting attacks.

Pelosi pens open letter warning “new stage of investigation” if whistleblower coverup persists
The House Speaker sent an urgent “Dear Colleagues” message to every member of Congress drawing a clear line in the sand.

Take Action: Tell Congress to impeach Donald Trump!

Trump tries to steer attention away from Ukraine scandal with renewed Kavanaugh defense
The embattled president hilariously offers legal advice to his Supreme Court Justice while trying to change the topic.

“Don’t think of an Elephant” — Democrats’ seminal guide to winning arguments and elections (now in audio)

OD Action Pick: The easily digestible guide from the brilliant George Lakoff is a must-read for any Democrat looking to get our country on track.

Iran’s apparent attack on Saudi Arabia is result of Trump’s incoherence
And he has no idea what to do about it.


Today’s Action: Demand answers on Trump’s collusion with Ukraine to influence the 2020 elections

The fight to uncover Trump’s 2016 election dealings with Russia is still ongoing in the House, and now he’s at it again, with a fresh new foreign country.

On a July 25 phone call with recently-elected Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky, Trump urged (he has admitted this) Zelensky eight times to investigate Hunter Biden, the son of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, who had business dealings in Ukraine while Biden was Vice President. Trump’s request came despite zero evidence of impropriety and as he was withholding $250 million in Congressionally appropriated aid to Ukraine.

Withholding funds appropriated by Congress is unconstitutional. Demanding political favors in exchange for those funds is extortion. This could not be more serious.

Call or email your Representative and demand the House settle for nothing less than full answers about Trump’s possible extortion of Ukraine to influence our 2020 election. We need to see the whistleblower complaint and transcripts of calls with Zelensky, and then repercussions must be determined.

Congress is still waiting to receive the whistleblower complaint that raised alarms about Trump’s behavior. This alone is a clear violation of the law, which mandates that the Director of National Intelligence must turn over the report to Congress within seven days of receiving it.

Every day that the Trump regime refuses to turn over the complaint, it is in clear violation of the law, and we must refuse to stand for it.

Trump has been bolstered by his so-far safety from the Russia investigation, including Democratic leaders like Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi refusing to commit to holding him accountable. We need Congress to look into Ukraine – and we still need an impeachment investigation for Russia.

Email or call (202.224.3121) your Representative and tell them it is their obligation to hold this corrupt administration accountable and you expect nothing less. Remind them that impeachment is more than warranted at this point.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition to make the Pences pay us back for the $20 million in public funds it took to clean up their family business, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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