Tell Speaker Pelosi to refuse to seat the 126 House Republicans who claimed their elections were invalid

The 14th Amendment states that anyone engaged in insurrection or rebellion cannot serve in federal office – and trying to undemocratically overthrow a presidential election is a clear-cut case of insurrection.

Cut to: the 126 Republican House members who signed on to a frivolous Texas lawsuit to overturn the votes of millions of voters in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin and reinstall Trump as president despite zero evidence of widespread voter fraud.

These traitors should not be allowed to serve in the next session of Congress.

Add your name to tell House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to refuse to seat the 126 Republicans who unconstitutionally attempted to bypass voters and install Trump for a second term.

Only 23 Republican Members of Congress have acknowledged Biden’s victory. Only 1 in 4 Republican voters accept the results of our election (though they aren’t questioning Republican victories in down ticket races) despite Biden’s resounding electoral win, a popular vote margin of seven million, and loss after loss in court. 

The GOP is attempting a coup and it has worked on their base. Pelosi must firmly reject it by ejecting them all from the House next term.

Tell Nancy Pelosi these 126 treacherous House Republicans must not serve in Congress next term.


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