Pence gives pathetic excuse for refusing mask at hospital

Tell Trump to stop calling tens of thousands of dead Americans a win and start doing his job to save lives!


Tragic milestone: With more than a million confirmed cases in the U.S., the pandemic has now killed more Americans the Vietnam War.

Today’s Top Stories:

Leaving off mask at Mayo Clinic, Pence said he wanted to look workers ‘in the eye’

The Vice President insulted healthcare workers and set a dangerous example for a pathetic reason.

Take Action: Put a competent medical professional in charge of coronavirus outbreak. Get Pence out!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Trump confronted about bombshell that he ignored over a dozen warnings of outbreak

The president concealed the truth and let Americans die.

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Trump suggests holding virus relief money hostage unless cities hand over undocumented migrants
The president tried to play politics with bailout money once again — this time targeting the most vulnerable in America’s so-called sanctuary cities.

Take Action: Tell Trump & McConnell — Don’t you dare let states go bankrupt while you bail out your wealthy corporate donors!

Trump orders meat and poultry processing plants to stay open during coronavirus, despite grievous health warnings
Ignoring CDC recommendations to close plants with spiraling coronavirus outbreaks, Trump forces meatpacking plants to remain open.

Take Action: Learn how to make a protective face mask. (video)

Romney goes after Trump on botched pandemic response
“We didn’t look real strong, and that’s kind of an understatement.”

Republican Senate candidate argues that Trump told us to inject disinfectant to “give hope”
GOP senate candidate Corky Messner took his Trump worship to eye-rolling levels.

Election year is here!

OD Action partner: Say goodbye to Trump forever with gear that tells him how you really feel.

GOP allies finally sound alarm over Trump’s attacks on independent watchdogs
Republicans are belatedly trying to convince the president that inspectors general aren’t his enemies.

Judge who won Wisconsin Supreme Court seat lambasts conservatives for forcing election
It was unacceptable to hold an election under circumstances in which people were forced to choose between their safety and voting.

Two men in Georgia drank disinfectants in efforts to prevent coronavirus, days after Trump floated the bogus idea as a possible cure
Poison control centers across the country have reported an alarming rise in calls about exposure to household cleaners following the president’s infamous briefing.

Healthcare workers stand up to reckless anti-lockdown protesters in North Carolina
Heroes clap back: “I can’t believe I have to show up here too.”

Lining up at the trough: Trump admin and Federal Reserve planning $500 billion no-strings-attached corporate bailout
The White House’s half-trillion dollar corporate giveaway will let large companies funnel tax dollars into shareholder dividends and lavish executive pay with no safeguards for protecting employees.

Dr. Fauci says U.S. may have enough tests by June, three months after Trump promised them
The president’s lies are indefensible and deadly.

Hillary Clinton endorses “colleague” and “friend” Joe Biden for president
I wish he were president right now.


GOP corruption



Today’s Action: Tell our leaders to protect our elections during coronavirus

New York State has cancelled their presidential primary in the face of coronavirus. Though this decision comes with controversy and may hurt progressive down ticket races, the undeniable reality stands: public gatherings in New York City are extremely high risk and Congress hasn’t provided states the funding to make elections safe. It’s one of many elections that may be affected without Congressional support.

Republicans are stonewalling, because they fear and admit that making elections more accessible literally means that no Republican would ever be elected again. With November’s presidential election looming just six months away and no vaccine ready, we do not have a second to waste to protect democracy and our right to vote.

Call or email your Members of Congress and demand they support Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s Election Protection Plan and commit $4 billion to the following changes in our election system during this pandemic:

  • Give every American the ability to register to vote safely and easily, including: a ban on voter roll purges, online voter registration in every state, and same-day voter registration in every state.
  • Give every American the easy option to vote by mail, including: providing pre-paid return postage, waiving requirements that would break social distancing guidelines (such as a notary signature or copies of IDs), and providing USPS whatever emergency funding they need to stay in service through the November election.
  • Provide every American heightened protections for in-person voting, including: 30 days of early voting in every state, dropping voter ID laws, extending polling hours, and funding states’ abilities to keep polling locations sanitary and polling workers safe with supplies and proper social distancing.
  • Fight election disinformation by implementing robust ballot tracking tools so voters can follow their ballots and trust votes have been counted, and holding social media platforms accountable for identifying, preventing and removing disinformation.

Anything less than directly addressing these vital needs would jeopardize our election and our lives.

Email or call (202.224.3121) your Members of Congress and tell them to support Senator Warren’s Election Protection Plan, putting a minimum of $4 billion toward a national vote-by-mail system, expanded in-person voting options and protections, and increased voter registration capabilities in time for the November presidential election.

PS — Please don’t forget to sign the petition calling on Trump to stop bragging about dead Americans and start doing his job to save lives, and check out the brilliant “Don’t Think of an Elephant” by George Lakoff — a quick read that contains the ultimate keys for Democrats to win elections — and arguments.


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