Pence justifies act of war with big Iran-9/11 lie

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Mike Pence tries to justify act of war against Iran by lying about 9/11

The Trump team is pulling out the Bush playbook to justify their reckless act of war — except this time they aren’t even trying to back it up.

Take Action: Tell Congress to investigate Pence after transcripts show he was complicit in the president’s crimes

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Trump gives unreal justification for strike on Iran’s Soleimani

The president has brought us to the precipice of war and his justification is absolutely bonkers.

Take Action: Revoke Trump’s ability to wage war on Iran without Congressional approval

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Pelosi says Trump launched strike killing Iranian general without authorization
The reckless act of war wasn’t just stupid and dangerous, it may have been illegal as well.

Trump complains he has lost all his friends in bizarre speech at Evangelical rally
The president’s big campaign event quickly devolved into nonsense and bewilderment as he predictably went off the rails.

Australia fires kill half a billion animals as crisis mounts
As Republicans bury the head in the sand, their policies and corporate backers are destroying the planet in plain sight.

Impeachment trial in limbo as McConnell refuses to allow fair proceedings
Democrats are refusing to allow his kangaroo court to move forward.

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“There will be dead Americans” as a result of Iran general being killed, ex-CIA deputy director says
As Trump claims that he is saving lives, experts tell a very different story.

Trump considers pardoning Blackwater mercenary convicted of slaughtering innocent civillians.
An effort to clear a Blackwater merc doing life for murder in the infamous Nisour Square massacre may soon bear fruit, multiple sources tell The Daily Beast.

Fox News reporter rips Trump team “de-escalation” excuse live on air: It’s “anything but”
Even Fox’s foreign correspondent couldn’t let Trump’s State Department get away with their ridiculous spin.

White House Withholds 20 Emails Between Two Trump Aides on Ukraine Aid
It contends the release of the documents sought by The Times, would “inhibit the frank and candid exchange of views” in government decision-making.

Trump trend: LGBTQ mentions quietly axed from discrimination guidelines
The Trump administration has quietly but systematically removed mentions of “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” from executive branch guidelines on discrimination.

Take Action: Tell 20 U.S. states to end their bigoted LGBTQ+ adoption bans!

World War III’ Trends as Hawks Rejoice at Trump Decision to Assassinate Iranian Military Leader
Hawks are celebrating Soleimani’s assassination not because they believe it weakened Iran…But because they believe we have passed an irreversible point of escalation.


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