Pentagon makes decision on Trump’s military parade

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Trump Military Parade

The Pentagon finally reaches a decision on Trump’s military parade
The president’s horrendous request just got answered.

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A Trump fan attacks Stormy Daniels on Twitter, and it backfires hilariously
He thought he could shame her into silence, but Trump’s porn star mistress quickly turned the tables on him.



Trump’s Scaramucci crosses a line with a crude, sexual attack on Rachel Maddow
The ex-White House Communications Director’s appalling remarks on FOX News immediately prompted cries of outrage..

An active shooter is reported at nation’s largest veterans home, hostages taken
A horrifying situation unfolds in California.

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Trump and his team are hit with a major class action lawsuit
The president and his administration’s reckless disregard for basic human decency is coming back to haunt them.

Trump goes rogue in face of House Oversight Committee investigation
Even the Republican-led committee is demanding answers for the president’s appalling ethics violations.

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Today’s Action: Send Text Messages to Flip the House NOW

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