Demand health care as a RIGHT in America!

The pandemic has made vivid the failures of our current health care system. And more people than ever before are expressing support for single-payer health insurance. That is why it is so vital we aren’t deterred by the fact that Medicare for All isn’t in the Democratic Party platform.  

Defeating Donald Trump and electing Joe Biden is an absolutely crucial first step to all of our hopes for the future, especially our fight to guarantee health care as a human right. 

On Tuesday night, our comrade Ady Barkan will be delivering a speech at the convention. Ady has been a resilient fighter for Medicare for All. He has been arrested in protest at the Capitol, traveled the country confronting politicians, and is using the limited time he has left to make sure every American has the healthcare they deserve.

Through November, our priority will be defeating Trump, but that doesn’t mean we are giving up on Medicare for All. On November 4th, we are all-in for an aggressive campaign to pass Medicare for All and put it on Joe Biden’s desk. 

Can you join Ady, Pramila, Ro, and the rest of us in committing to fight for Medicare for All, no matter what? Add your name as a way of saying: We won’t stop fighting until we win!


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